Tuesday, December 18, 2012
  • Nielsen, Twitter To Start Social Media TV Rating Service

    Nielsen and Twitter are creating a social media TV rating service -- all to capture TV-related content activity to trend rapidly growing second-screen activity. The new service, called The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, will complement Nielsen's existing TV ratings, giving TV networks and advertisers real-time metrics for understanding TV audience social activity. ...Read the whole story

  • U.S. Mobile Search Ad Investments Growth Slower Than Native Formats

    Spending on mobile search ads in the U.S. will jump 55% to $3.6 billion next year, of which Google will take 92.4% share, according to research released Monday. But the amount spent on search pales in comparison to investments in native. ...Read the whole story

  • Jell-O Pudding Spoofs 12/21 Apocalypse

    The ads, from CP+B, show intrepid brand reps braving the jungle to reach a Mayan temple and attempt to save the world by offering the gods Jell-O Pudding (as opposed to the "boring" vegetables and beans that actual Mayans offered the gods to win their protection). ...Read the whole story

    Around The Net

    • Instagram Claims Right To Sell User ContentBBC

      Sending users into a state of confusion and disbelief, Instagram this week updated its privacy policy giving it the right to sell users’ photos to advertisers without notification. “The move riled social media users, with one likening it to a ‘suicide note,’” BBC News writes. The changes also mean Instagram can share information about its users with parent Facebook, as well as other affiliates and advertisers.     ...Read the whole story

    • Nielsen, Twitter, Team Up For New RatingAdvertising Age

      Twitter and Nielsen have partnered to create  a "'Nielsen Twitter TV Rating' that will measure the total audience for social TV activity on Twitter, including both people who comment and people who are exposed to their comments," writes Nat Ives. This metric will "act as a complement and companion to the Nielsen TV rating," helping to measure audience engagement with TV programming, according to Chloe Sladden, VP-media at Twitter. ...Read the whole story

    • Julian Assange Story Is Top Tweet For 2012 Journalism.co.uk

      Journalism.co.uk has compiled a list of the most tweeted news stories published by five UK news sites in 2012. A post from the Telegraph blog - about Julian Assange and the "diplomatic stand-off between the British and the Ecuadoreans" - was the most tweeted story of the year with more than 230,000 tweets. They analysed BBC News, the Guardian, Independent, Mail Online and the Telegraph, using SEO and social data tool Searchmetrics. The downloaded data is at this link. ...Read the whole story

    • Swedes Riot Over Instagram Sex Insults BBC

      At least 27 people have been held by police for rioting in Sweden, after photos of children were posted on Instagram alongside sexual insults. The account is alleged to have been set up by a teenage girl who attends the Plusgymnasiet school in Gothenburg. It asked people to send in photos and allegations of the person's sexual history, publishing about 200 of them. ...Read the whole story

    Social Initiatives In Business

    According to a new study by IBM, middle management leaders are struggling to embrace social initiatives as part of their day-to-day work. The survey of 1,160 business and IT professionals shows that while 46% of the ...More

    • It's Too Early To Be Complacent

      Already the pace of posts, tweets and shares is starting to level off. Less than a week since the tragedy in Connecticut, we are returning back to where we were before. But, it's too early. No ...More