• Nielsen, Twitter To Start Social Media TV Rating Service

    Nielsen and Twitter are creating a social media TV rating service -- all to capture TV-related content activity to trend rapidly growing second-screen activity. The new service, called The Nielsen Twitter TV Rating, will complement Nielsen's existing TV ratings, giving TV networks and advertisers real-time metrics for understanding TV audience social activity. ...Read the whole story

  • U.S. Mobile Search Ad Investments Growth Slower Than Native Formats

    Spending on mobile search ads in the U.S. will jump 55% to $3.6 billion next year, of which Google will take 92.4% share, according to research released Monday. But the amount spent on search pales in comparison to investments in native. ...Read the whole story

  • Jell-O Pudding Spoofs 12/21 Apocalypse

    The ads, from CP+B, show intrepid brand reps braving the jungle to reach a Mayan temple and attempt to save the world by offering the gods Jell-O Pudding (as opposed to the "boring" vegetables and beans that actual Mayans offered the gods to win their protection). ...Read the whole story

Social Initiatives In Business

According to a new study by IBM, middle management leaders are struggling to embrace social initiatives as part of their day-to-day work. The survey of 1,160 business and IT professionals shows that while 46% of the organizations increased their investments in social technologies in 2012, only 22% believed that managers are prepared to incorporate social tools and approaches into their daily practices. ...More

  • It's Too Early To Be Complacent

    Already the pace of posts, tweets and shares is starting to level off. Less than a week since the tragedy in Connecticut, we are returning back to where we were before. But, it's too early. No matter what side of gun control or mental health support you stand on, it's too early to stop the debate. Now is the time to discuss, inform and become informed. Every column I've written for Social Media Insider has been about helping businesses. This one is not. This column is about using social media to help ourselves. ...More