Debunking 4 Common Myths About Web And Social Media Content

For more than a year, we have been conducing observational research with active digital health consumers (or e-patients) in their natural online habitat. We've been passively observing their Web and social media activities to understand how they actually find and consume health content on a range of subjects, including cancer, heart disease and sexually transmitted illnesses. ...More

  • Wanted: Sterling Terms-Of-Service Writer, To Help Defuse Instagram-Gate

    BREAKING: Instagram's No. 1 user Kim Kardashian considering dropping photo service. Following the week we've had, I can hardly think of a headline that's more needlessly overblown than this one. Or is my reaction like this because I'm not one of Kim Kardashian's 5.7 million Instagram followers? Or because my life is, as documented in this column, so dull that the best picture I shared anywhere all week was a photo of a rainbow -- arching over the big water tower in Yonkers that has "" painted on it? ...More