• Facebook, Social Nets Lead Search Terms

    For the fourth year running, online consumers searched for "Facebook" more than any other term in 2012, according to new data from Experian. "Facebook" queries accounted for 4.1% of all searches this year. ...Read the whole story

  • Instagram Reverses Image Policy

    After sparking a storm of protest with changes to its terms of service that appeared to allow Instagram to sell users' images, founder and CEO Kevin Systrom announced Tuesday evening that the terms will revert to their original version. ...Read the whole story

Online Video and Social Media: That's a Marriage Made in Marketing Heaven

Maybe it has been like this forever, but I'm just noticing now that when I visit Facebook, there's virtually not one poster who's not including content with their comment--usually a video or just a photo that has come from some Website. The plain fact is that online video and social media are a perfect match. A new report from the Boston-based online news and content marketing agency Brafton, made that same point eloquently a few days ago when it advised its content marketing clients to add video-heavily---to the mix of what they provide to their end users, because it will ...More

  • Instagram Restores Old Terms, Vows To Move Slower In Future

    Instagram has decided to stick with its old terms of service after all. Co-founder Kevin Systrom blogged last night that the Facebook-owned company is reverting to its October 2010 terms, and has no plans at the time roll out any new ad products that would require a change. ...More