Tipping Point: SEO Transitions To Optimize Social Channels

As the quantity of search keyword data continues to decline - and as the quality of social analytics continues to improve - it's not hard to imagine social outstrips search as the key channel for consumers discovering publisher content. ...More

  • Making Video Truly Social

    Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram -- we refer to sites like these as social. Yet YouTube, despite its massive popularity, doesn't make it into that category very often -- presumably because it's video-based. Similarly, despite being the world's second largest search engine, it's infrequently discussed as part of the SEO ecosystem. But the utility and social profile of YouTube specifically, and digital video in general, are about to get a big boost -- largely due to a variety of second-generation tools that have been a long time coming. In the coming year, these tools will serve to reinvigorate digital video ...More

  • Five Journalism Tips For Social Media Marketers

    Social media marketers have to be part journalist, part advertiser. In an age of "brands as publishers," it's often more important to embrace the journalist than the advertiser side. After all, your tweet, post or article is competing with the friends, news sites, entertainers, publications and brands that your audience is also following. The following are five tips gleaned from nearly 20 years of writing for newspapers, magazines, blogs and brands. ...More

  • A Picture Is Worth More Than Any Words

    According to a new study by HubSpot about the impact on social media engagement using visuals in social content, photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post, while photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post. The study evaluated 8,800 Facebook posts from B2B and B2C companies comparing Likes-per-photo to overall average Likes-per-post. ...More