'Walking Dead' Zombies Follow Twitter Fans -- Grunting Ensues

Some Twitter followers are people of few words -- or grunts. To promote the debut of "The Walking Dead" on French television network NT1, Darewin created a reverse-psychology social media campaign, announcing that the walker virus - a factor in "The Walking Dead" - had contaminated all NT1 employees, and asking Twitter users not to tweet the hashtag #WalkingDeadNT1 or comment on Facebook and blog posts containing said hashtag. ...More

  • Facebook May Surprise Search Marketers With Familiar Tech

    Technology that makes it possible to capture intent across search engines has moved into Facebook. Some estimate that the features provide a lower cost compared with paid-search ads running on Bing or Google. Opening its platform to further integration of search-like features with support from third-party companies on desktop and mobile remains one of several announcements the social site will likely make Tuesday. ...More