Friday, January 18, 2013
  • Dodge Lets You Buy Your Dart, With Help

    Once registered, a giftee has the option of connecting to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out and to thank people who donated. RocketHub handles the entire crowdfunding process. Funds raised on the registry, minus processing fees, can be used to purchase the car. ...Read the whole story

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    • Instagram Opens Kimono, Boasts 90M UsersAll Things D

      More than 90 million people use Instagram on a monthly basis, the company reported on Thursday. “Moreover, the company is seeing growth rather than decline,” AllThingsD reports. “That number is up 10%, month on month, in the period from December to January.” This marks the first time Instagram has released usage numbers, and is being seen as a response to rumors of recent usage declines.  ...Read the whole story

    • QR Codes Are Bad For Your BrandSocial Media Today

      Paul Dunay, global VP of web optimization service Maxymiser, offers up a list of 10 reasons QR codes are generally bad. "Many brands," he writes, "initially diverted QR Codes from its initial purpose by jumping on the bandwagon as something new and exciting that allowed them to leverage the exploding mobile market. To interact with real world products." It is not that QR Codes are dead or evil or anything hyperbolic like that - they are just horribly misused. Here are 10 reasons to avoid them, only one being that they are just ugly. ...Read the whole story

    • Twitter Index To Follow Oscars HypeRed Rocket Media

      Twitter has launched a new Twitter Index that will track conversations about the Oscars in the run up to the 85th Academy Awards according to This method of Twitter marketing will be welcome news to the Academy who will have increased media coverage over the coming weeks. The Twitter Oscars Index will rank and measure conversations about the films and people nominated for an Oscar over the course of the next six weeks until the ceremony on February 24th 2013. ...Read the whole story

    In Defense Of Facebook's Graph Search

    Graph Search empowers users to cut through the noise to find content that is actually interesting and useful to them. Graph Search is a way for people to capitalize upon the volumes of personal data readily ...More