Tuesday, January 22, 2013
  • Capri Sun Launches Major Social Campaign

    Kraft Foods' Capri Sun is today launching its biggest social media activation to date. The "Seize the Day" campaign, which is kicking off with a sweepstakes, aims to engage moms by helping them ensure that their kids stay busy and make the most of each day. ...Read the whole story

  • Nevada Tourism Hits The Road With BuzzFeed

    Nevada's tourism challenge is not boosting Sin City, but Nevada itself. The problem is that most people think the former is the landing strip for the latter. A new campaign by communications firm Burson-Marsteller and BuzzFeed is about changing that perception. ...Read the whole story

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  • Travel Posts Make Germans Envious, UnhappyComputer Business Review

    According to a new German study of over 600 people, using Facebook could make its users feel envious of their successful friends. This result may lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. The research, "Envy on Facebook: A Hidden Threat to Users' Life Satisfaction," revealed that over one-third of surveyed Facebook users reported negative feelings,including frustration, when using the site. Many said this was a cause of feeling envious towards their Facebook friends. ...Read the whole story

  • Unemployed Use Social Media To Find JobsRed Rocket Media

    That's according to social job search engine Adzuna, cited byfreshbusinessthinking.com, which believes jobseeking is at the dawn of a 'Social Job Search Revolution'. Its survey suggests the average British adult is connected to 300 'relevant, open job vacancies through their first and second degree connections' on social networks. In addition, over 90% of large UK employers are now using social media channels to locate staff, along with other big firms like Google, Amazon and eBay. ...Read the whole story

  • How To Value A Social LinkSearch Engine Watch

    Julie Joyce tells us about the benefits of building social links and why they are important. She takes us through tips on building links in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter -- along with some of the smaller sites like Foursquare, Instagram, and StumbleUpon -- but calls out MySpace as a site that brands should avoid. ...Read the whole story

  • McDonald's Launches Ingredients AppBurger Business

    But in Australia McDonald's is using a variety of high-tech tools to go even deeper with its food sourcing/quality message, allowing diners to track the ingredients in the food they are about to eat. A free iPhone app called TrackMyMacca's (using the Aussie nickname for McDonald's) can be downloaded via Facebook or iTunes. The app reads code on food packaging (150 million pieces of which were reprinted for the effort), which uses GPS tracking to identify in which McDonald's restaurant a diner has purchased the food. ...Read the whole story

  • Music Group Making Trouble For MySpaceThe New York Times

    Putting its comeback in jeopardy, MySpace is facing pressure from a group representing thousands of small labels, which accuse the social network of using its members’ music without permission. “The group, Merlin, negotiates digital deals on behalf of labels around the world,” The New York Times reports. A deal between Merlin and Myspace apparently expired over a year ago, but the group’s content continues to circulate on the site.   ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Social Networks Re-defining Social IdentityRed Rocket Media
  • Volvic Seeks Brand Ambassadors On FacebookM&M Global
  • Social Networking: Elderly Risk DisfranchisementThe Telegraph
Facebook's Graph Search Ushers In Social-Search Era

Talk of Facebook's Graph Search being a "Google killer" seems premature, but it will impact online marketing, particularly within search and SEO. Brand marketers need to adjust their social media marketing strategies. ...More