Wednesday, January 23, 2013
  • Coke Previews 2013 Super Bowl Campaign

    The creative premise of the campaign, from Weiden + Kennedy, is that three groups of people are lost in the desert -- "cowboys," "showgirls" and "badlanders." All spot a mirage of a thirst-quenching Coke in the distance, and commence to compete to reach it first. ...Read the whole story

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    • Travel Posts Make Germans Envious, UnhappyComputer Business Review

      According to a new German study of over 600 people, using Facebook could make its users feel envious of their successful friends. This result may lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. The research, "Envy on Facebook: A Hidden Threat to Users' Life Satisfaction," revealed that over one-third of surveyed Facebook users reported negative feelings,including frustration, when using the site. Many said this was a cause of feeling envious towards their Facebook friends. ...Read the whole story

    • Foursquare To Syndicate Village Voice Media ContentSocial Times

      Village Voice Media, which owns alt-weeklies like, yes, New York City's Village Voice, is partnering with check-in service Foursquare, which will syndicate the publisher's "Best Of" content in categories like local restaurants, bars and events in 11 markets. ...Read the whole story

    • British Vogue Passes 1 Million Mark On TwitterPress Gazette

      According to Vogue, the account has been boosted by more than 250,000 new followers since the relaunch of its website in September 2012. Vogue becomes only the second UK magazine - after The Economist - to break the 1 million mark, according to Press Gazette research. And although The Economist has more than 2.7 million followers, and is a UK title originally, it serves a worldwide readership. ...Read the whole story

    • How To Value A Social LinkSearch Engine Watch

      Julie Joyce tells us about the benefits of building social links and why they are important. She takes us through tips on building links in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter -- along with some of the smaller sites like Foursquare, Instagram, and StumbleUpon -- but calls out MySpace as a site that brands should avoid. ...Read the whole story

    • What Makes Women Talk About Brands Marketing Week

      It makes sense to get women to talk about brands, as brand reputations are increasingly formed on social media. A new study by marketing agency Haygarth has quantified the value of word of mouth among women. Haygarth head of planning Anthony Donaldson says US surveys have found women control around four-fifths of all spending decisions, so persuading them to pass on their endorsements to others could be crucial to brands' fortunes. According to Haygarth's study, incentives such as free trials and promotions are important cues for recommending brands, as is the quality of the product. ...Read the whole story

    • Study: Social Networks Re-defining Social IdentityRed Rocket Media

      The government's chief scientist has published a report saying that social networks are 're-defining' social identity. Professor Sir John Beddington says that over the next decade, the fabric of society will change, with identity in its traditional sense becoming less important. The changes will be fuelled by nearly constant access to the internet, a phenomenon that the report called 'hyper-connectivity'. The changes could serve as a positive force in society, but if ignored, could fuel exclusion. ...Read the whole story

    • CEOs Say Twitter Crucial But Use DwindlesRed Rocket Media

      CEOs have been advised to use Twitter as a useful tool for building trust between their company and the people they wish to reach. Cited by, a study from PR firm Weber Shandwick recently found that only 2% of the top 50 CEOs in Fortune Magazine's Global 500 rankings had an active Twitter account. Despite the platform witnessing a rapid increase in account holders over the last two years, this was down from 8% in 2010. ...Read the whole story

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    • Infusionsoft Acquires GroSocial to Add Social to Marketing PlatformCMSWire
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