• Coke Previews 2013 Super Bowl Campaign

    The creative premise of the campaign, from Weiden + Kennedy, is that three groups of people are lost in the desert -- "cowboys," "showgirls" and "badlanders." All spot a mirage of a thirst-quenching Coke in the distance, and commence to compete to reach it first. ...Read the whole story

Feasting On Facebook

A few months ago, Facebook elevated a dozen Preferred Marketing Developers into an elite new class -- Strategic PMDs. As they see it, Zuckerberg and Company continue to enhance THE social network for both users and advertisers, leading me to these six tasty reasons why marketers will keep feasting in Facebook land. ...More

  • Social Media Engagement In 5 Easy Steps

    One of the most significant trends in customer engagement over the last three years is the rise of social media outside marketing and inside customer service. Social media is moving beyond contacts and interactions to a culture of community and collaboration for the most engaged and customer-centric companies. ...More

  • Why LinkedIn Is Less Conquerable Than Facebook

    There's a single, fundamental reason it would be harder for an upstart new website to beat LinkedIn than for one to beat Facebook: There is more risk associated with losing your network on LinkedIn. ...More

  • Insta-Journalism Mobilizes

    This week's Presidential Inauguration highlighted just how quickly mobile technology has turned user-generated content into something akin to traditional media. ...More