A&W Root Beer Mascot Gets Own LinkedIn Page

Ever ask a friend or co-worker to write you a coveted LinkedIn recommendation, to boost your online business profile? It's up there with pulling teeth. A&W Restaurants saw an opportunity in this space and created a LinkedIn profile for its mascot, Rooty The Great Root Bear. Anyone who connects with Rooty will receive the ultimate LinkedIn gift: a free, personalized (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) recommendation. ...More

  • Let Audience Drive Emerging Platform Strategy

    Digital health has received a tremendous amount of attention over the last year with the mobile adoption driving a more fragmented ecosystem for publishers, users and marketers. No longer is one screen, or even two, a consumer's resource for information and services. The linchpin for successfully engaging in this splintered environment is focusing first on user experience. ...More

  • Search, Social Support Rising Online Ads

    Online advertising spend should reach $50.8 billion in the United States by 2015 -- up from $36.1 billion this year, according to the ZenithOptimedia New Media Forecasts report. Search will contribute $18.8 billion and social media, $8.4 billion, up from $14.9 billion and $4.6 billion this year. ...More