Friday, August 15, 2014

    Around The Net

    • Facebook Loses Product Management VPRe/code

      Facebook is losing its VP of product management, Sam Lessin. “He originally joined Facebook when his startup, a storage company called, was acquired by Zuckerberg in an all-stock deal back in 2010,” Re/Code reports. Along with a lot of kite-surfing and skiing, Lessin is expected to help his wife, journalist Jessica Lessin, with her new subscription-based news publication, The Information.  ...Read the whole story

    • Michael Jackson Vid Exclusive To TwitterThe Drum

      Twitter this morning exclusively premiered Michael Jackson's new music video 'a Place with no Name' after singing an agreement with Epic Records sealing the site's first of a kind move. The social network, which usually hosts music videos links, today, hosted the exclusive video launch as part of a new 'Promoted Video' scheme which aims to push branded video content towards users. ...Read the whole story

    • Brands Seeking Engagement Beyond FacebookMarketing

      Brands are beginning to ask why pay for engagement on Facebook when they get it for free on other networks, according to eBench's founder Matthew Burns. Coca-Cola is becoming a Twitter leader, accumulating a quarter of followers and mentions among non-alcoholic brands. Red Bull dominates that category on YouTube and Facebook-owned Instagram. Burberry has scored more than twice the engagement on Instagram that it did on Facebook, although it has seven times fewer fans. ...Read the whole story

    • Microsoft Floats Snapchat CloneNeowin

      Windows Phone users still can’t download Snapchat, but Microsoft is doing them one better (or worse, depending on one’s preference) by releasing an ephemeral messaging app of its own. Dubbed WindUp, the new app was developed internally by Microsoft Research, as reports. By most measures, Snapchat seems to be thriving, but Neowin suggests the startup has alienated many users. “From exposing nearly 5 million accounts, to the FTC ruling that the company was deceiving users, the app may still be popular but many people no longer trust it.”  ...Read the whole story

    • Buzzfeed Defends Deleting Thousands Of PostsSlate
    • Tweeters Assume Guilt In AllegationThe Drum
    Facebook Is An Advertising Channel -- Isn't It Time We All Got Over It?

    Does it really matter to Facebook that brands are getting more organic reach on other social sites? Not one bit. Facebook is all about giving away a free starter and then charging for the main course. ...More

    • Millennials Are Cashing In On Their Social Influence

      Welcome to the new age of influence, where 20-something content creators on Vine can make as much as $20,000 for a 6-second video and Millennial fashionistas can earn six figures for their stylish outfits on Instag ...More

    • I'll Have That Campaign With Ice

      You are challenged to take the dunk. If you don't, you donate to the association. Therefore, everyone pictured getting iced is presumably not donating. Yes, but the numbers don't lie. ...More