• Local TV News Captures Viewers' Loyalty

    Despite across-the-board declines in TV broadcast ratings, local TV news is more valuable in drawing viewers' advertising attention than other programming. ...Read the whole story

  • As An Ad Medium, Social Media Now On Par With VOD, HDTV

    Social media may have reached critical mass as a consumer medium, but its role as a mass advertising medium is still emerging. But if the initial findings of a comprehensive tracking study of Americans' use of social media are any indication, it may prove to be more than just a powerful "listening tool" for marketers." The findings, which are being released today from "The Faces of Social Media," a joint research venture of Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications' Center for Media Research, indicate that social media has already attained the kind of advertising influence and acceptability as advanced forms of ...Read the whole story

  • Prime-Time Spots Steady, Long-Term Costs To Drop

    Media agency TargetCast tcm says the four networks' average cost for a 30-second commercial was $80,495 in the third quarter -- down 2% versus the year before. The second-quarter average was $123,881 -- virtually flat versus the previous 2009 second-quarter period. ...Read the whole story

  • LIN: Syndie TV To Share Space With Local Programs

    LIN TV CEO Vincent Sadusky joined the chorus of station-group executives suggesting that prices for syndicated programming may have reached an apex. Instead, replacing it with local programming can pull in higher ratings and boost the bottom line with the lower costs. ...Read the whole story

  • MidCenturyTV Site Traffics In Nostalgic TV

    In contrast to other new premium TV sites started recently, MidCenturyTV.com has launched with seemingly little conflict with the major TV networks and studios. Its purview: old TV shows 1948-1974. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Promises Multimillions To Re-up CEO Calhoun

    As it moves toward an IPO, Nielsen has added three years to CEO David Calhoun's contract. In the process, Calhoun gets a hefty signing bonus -- $6 million -- and jump in his base salary. ...Read the whole story

  • Status Quo: Pay TV Users Keep Cable, Satellite Subscriptions

    Though new data suggests consumers are slowly abandoning pay TV services, one study says the vast majority intend to maintain traditional subscriptions with cable, satellite and telco TV/video companies. ...Read the whole story

  • In Video Ad Effectiveness, Targeting Trumps Length

    In video ad campaigns, targeting has a far greater impact on ad performance than ad length, according to a new study from video ad tech firm TidalTV. TidalTV found that 30-second ads can far "outperform" 15-second ads, without negatively impacting consumers' experience -- and that advertisers can achieve what TidalTV calls "30-second creative performance" with 15-second video creative. ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Drives Ion Original Programming

    The Ion network, with no unscripted programming in the schedule yet, has hired a top programming executive steeped in the nonfiction genre. Former chief of the Discovery network, John Ford, joins as president of programming. ...Read the whole story

  • Panasonic Hits Road To Showcase Its 3DTVs

    The interactive displays take a page from a similar initiative conceived by the Consumer Electronics Association, ESPN and the country's top cable and satellite providers earlier in the fall. That promotion, titled "National 3D Demo Days," involved setting up 3D viewing areas in some of the nation's top electronic retailers, giving consumers a chance to watch 3D sports programming in the stores to get a better idea of the 3D experience. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Kicks Off 'X Factor' Promotion

    At least 10 months out, Fox has begun plugging what it hopes will be another successful sing-off. The network started airing 10-second teasers for "The X Factor" on Thanksgiving night. ...Read the whole story

Sony Reads The Google TV Tea Leaves: Not Much Flavor In The Cup

From the no-surprise department: Sony has cut prices for its newfangled Google TV units, up to a massive 25% off certain models. This is no surprise because Google TV has been unable to secure the highest-profile content out there -- broadcast network prime-time shows. The big four networks have blocked Google from using its content on the new service to be run -- so far -- on Sony television sets. ...More

  • Young Video Viewers Will Pay for Their Online TV

    The jury is still out on Hulu Plus and even on Apple's 99-cent episode rentals, but a new study by Ipsos finds that the younger demo is serious enough about on-demand viewing of TV online that they are willing to pay for it. In a speculative what-if survey of 18-to-34-year olds, Ipsos found that in a world of limited free options for viewing TV after its original airing, 51% of this group was interested in fee-based models from Hulu, Netflix or iTunes. Ipsos OTX MediaCT created a scenario where free alternatives were not available and TV was available via Netflix ...More

  • Comcast Shows Us The Garden Of Eden

    Lately we have seen announcements regarding new OTT ("over the top") box launches, like Roku and Boxee. Netflix has done a masterful job of securing distribution agreements with these boxes. Netflix's marketing strategy -- perhaps a throwback to AOL's CD-ROM mailing campaign-- offers every new customer a free trial period. Today the company has one million new subscribers trialing the streaming service. ...More

  • Microsoft Rumored Readying TV Services Through Xbox 360

    Microsoft, were you listening or did I just nail your intention to integrate Internet services into Xbox 360 through the Bing search engine and widgets? Early in November I described how the company may have supercharged Xbox 360 through Kinect, the add-on to the Xbox 360 entertainment console, but the one basic tool that could turn the console into a true entertainment experience doesn't exist in the box. ...More

  • Marketers Now More Accepting Of Online Make-Goods For Traditional TV Buys

    Fox is following in the footsteps of ABC -- but not from a position it necessarily likes. Fox is offering online inventory -- on hulu.com, for example -- as a make-good for a massive 20% drop in traditional TV ratings. ABC also did this a couple of years back for the same reasons: It didn't have enough -- or the right -- inventory to give back to advertisers, who are guaranteed specific gross rating points in their TV media buys. ...More

  • Cord Cutting? Bah, Humbug! Magid Says Digital Video is Additive

    Only 1% of consumers report they have canceled subscription TV/Video services because they are accessing content instead on the Internet. According to the 2010 edition of the Frank N. Magid & Associates update on cross platform video use and consumer attitudes, cord cutting is likely a myth. Only 2.5% of U.S. media consumers use the Internet exclusively for their content. And only 3% of consumers are even considering leaving TV subscriptions for other video sources. Instead, Magid is finding that the people who use alternative video sources like Web, mobile and streaming media boxes are also spending the most on ...More