• Yahoo Makes Aggressive Pitch For TV Dollars, Releases New Mobile Units

    Yahoo plans to release research Thursday supporting why traditional media buyers might want to pull time on broadcast TV to allocate budgets to mobile advertising. Supporting consumer behavior, the data accompanies the rollout of three rich media formats: Yahoo Mobile Screen Takeover, Yahoo Mobile Customized Expandable Ads, and iPad Tap to Video Ads. ...Read the whole story

  • ANA Blasts Network Pillar Practice As Ad Invasion

    Big TV advertisers have called on television networks to stop their practice of superimposing logos and promos around the borders of the television screen while some TV commercials air. They claim it violates time and space that belongs to the advertiser. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Effort Backs Optima With Cinema, Bowl Buy

    Michael Sprague, VP of marketing for the Irvine, Calif.-based automaker, tells Marketing Daily that the use of visual icons makes more sense nowadays, given that as culture gets more technologically centered, visual communication -- paradoxically -- has become more pictographic and icon-based. ...Read the whole story

  • TNT Ends 'The Closer' After 7 Seasons

    "The Closer," a series frequently cited as an example of cable TV's original programming success, will conclude a seven-year run next year. TNT said 15 more episodes will be filmed. ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN Shoots Marquee Teams In NCAA Doubleheaders

    The days of top college basketball teams avoiding tough competition early in the season are ending. The NCAA is helping, but ESPN's cash may be the driving reason they will stop playing in the so-called cupcakes. Starting next year, ESPN will launch annual doubleheaders featuring four of college hoops' marquee teams. ...Read the whole story

  • Comedy Central: New Logo, New Legal Appeal

    Comedy Central has a new logo -- which may seem tangentially to put YouTube on notice. There's a small "c" which is encircled by in another larger, backwards "c." The logo resembles the copyright symbol; the network is embroiled in a billion-dollar lawsuit with YouTube over copyright infringement. ...Read the whole story

  • YouTube Extends Video Time, Eyes TV

    Moving closer to the world of Hulu and other premium TV sites, YouTube has extended is video uploads beyond its current 15-minute limit. The company appears to be looking to even the playing field with sites such as Hulu, which allow viewers to typically watch regular half-hour and hour-long TV shows. ...Read the whole story

  • The Hub's Board Wants Educational Programs, Positive Impact

    The Hub, a network targeting kids 6 to 11 and their families, will form an advisory board to help it better develop educational and other programming, while ensuring the proper use of advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen Finds 'Satellite' Station Ratings Illogical, Will Restate

    Nielsen Thursday notified clients that it will restate ratings for nine TV stations in four of its metered markets due to a problem with the "software logic" used to process its ratings data. Nielsen said it has identified the problem, and is in the process of implementing a solution that will ensure it will not impact audience estimates for November, a crucial period for local TV advertising sales. ...Read the whole story

  • The Sexual Divide: Americans Split In Reaction To Racy Ads

    Is there too much sex in advertising? That's somewhat true for a majority of Americans. But another 40% find themselves shrugging their shoulders at sexual imagery in TV and print ads. ...Read the whole story

Animation or Actors?

Advertisers are rolling out their holiday-themed ads, many of which are sure to feature a cartoon reindeer or other festive animated character. However, recent research from the Nielsen Company suggests that, although marketers have a lot to gain with animated ads, they may be sacrificing audience engagement with commercials that don't resonate as well with savvy consumers. ...More

  • Carving a New Window for the Super-Rich Entertainment Consumer

    Normal 0 How much would you pay for say, the 2010-2011 season-ending May episode of "Grey's Anatomy" -- in January? That is, right now. Well, we don't really know whether that episode is actually completed. But if it was -- and somehow was available digitally or otherwise -- maybe in the future ABC might charge $50 for an exclusive viewing. (That is, if they could also keep everyone from blabbing how it all went down). In much the same way, a new digital media company, Prima Cinema, wants to sell same-day theatrical release movies into consumers' homes for a mere ...More

  • What's In A Name? Still A Big Piece Of A Show's Marketing Plan

    Terriers"? I had no idea it was a buddy detective series on FX. I thought it was about -- well, gnarling dogs. Indeed, I believed I saw print ads showing a gnarling dog. I didn't dig deeper. I never got a chance to see any TV promos of the show, which I'm sure would have showed off wise-cracking, not-always-by-the-book, ex-police force, hot-headed law-enforcement types. FX-style, of course. ...More