Monday, December 20, 2010
The Misinformed: More Than Just Your Regular TV News Viewer?

In this past election cycle, Fox News Channel viewers were the most misinformed, according to a recent study. But other cable news networks viewers weren't that far behind. ...More

  • A Brand New Kind Of TV Season: The Retransmission-Blackout Season

    There's a new TV season developing: not the premiere TV season, not the winter weekend NFL season, not the replacement show mid-season, nor the repeat season. It's the retransmission blackout season. Seems like the end of ...More

  • Does The TV Season Have A 'Most Dangerous' Day?

    You just missed the most dangerous day of the year for traffic accidents in California, according to Allstate Insurance: Dec. 15. You're safe -- unless you're swearing at that driver you had a problem with yesterday. ...More