Video On Demand Boosts Live Viewing

A new survey measuring consumer behaviors and attitudes toward Video on Demand (VOD) by Avail-TVN, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates, finds that nearly two-thirds of consumers say that availability of television program episodes on-demand make them more likely to watch those television shows on a regular basis. ...More

  • What Really Embarrasses Me About The Coverage Of TV Research

    Here's a disclaimer I've had to make far too many times during my 30-year career covering media, especially television: I am not a researcher. I am a journalist who, from time to time, writes about research, including research about television. I do not know how to compute a "statistical deviation," and I cannot tell you what the "regression from the mean" really means. I simply report on research findings and, when relevant, on the methods researchers use to come up with those findings. That's it. It's not a cop-out. It's just the truth. ...More

  • No More Silly Glasses? How 3D TV Will Look in 2011

    Best Buy has indicated that sales of 3D TVs aren't exactly moving at warp speed. Will Toshiba change things with its new model that could make viewing a 3D channel as simple as viewing any other network? ...More