• Adap.tv Strikes Flingo Deal To Better Monetize TV

    Looking to capitalize on the big potential advertising marketplace of new Internet-connected TVs, digital video insertion/management platform Adap.tv has struck a deal with TV applications company Flingo. ...Read the whole story

  • Miller Heads NBC Sports Agency

    With Comcast adding many TV sports properties to the NBC Universal mix in its soon-to-be-closed merger, NBC is starting up a new in-house ad/marketing agency devoted to sports. The NBC Sports Agency will be run by John Miller, chief marketing officer of NBC Universal Television Group. ...Read the whole story

  • Movie Advertisers OK With MTV's 'Skins'

    Scared away from possible content issues over MTV's new hit show "Skins" in its premiere episode, the advertisers in the second episode were the usual ad clients: movies, video games, program promos. ...Read the whole story

  • Syndication Execs Debate Future Of Turbulent First-Run Market

    A top syndication executive said first-run hits can give a station "more leverage" in retransmission consent negotiations, since the content is exclusive in a particular market. "You need to have your own identity and your own place in the market," said Mort Marcus, co-president of Debmar-Mercury, on a panel at the NATPE convention. ...Read the whole story

  • Olbermann's Exit May Cost MSNBC Ad Revs

    MSNBC might feel a little pinch from advertisers now that Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" -- one of the network's highest-rated programs -- has ended. The show had averaged 1.05 million total viewers since September. ...Read the whole story

  • Variety Is Spice Of Life For BMW's X3 Bowl Ads

    BMW wants people to know that its new X3 crossover comes in all sorts of flavors -- and that it is, by the way, built in the U.S. The company, which is advertising in the forthcoming Super Bowl broadcast on Fox, will get these messages across both in the TV spots and via an associated social-media push. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Pulls Out Stops To Promo '11 Optima

    This year, Kia is taking a page out of sibling Hyundai's big-voices, big-places strategy to promote its 2011 Optima and other vehicles. The Irvine, Calif.-based automaker is not just advertising in the Super Bowl along with Hyundai and getting vehicles in the new series "Nikita" on The CW Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Jackson Hewitt Expands Walmart Relationship

    As Walmart's exclusive provider of in-store tax preparation services, Jackson Hewitt is undertaking an "extensive, all-inclusive" marketing campaign to reach the more than 130 million customers who visit Walmart stores in the United States on a weekly basis, as well as the 1.6 million associates working in those stores. ...Read the whole story

  • Google TV Ads Exec Wants Consumer Feedback, Granular Metrics

    Google TV Ads executive Mark Piesanen said he would welcome a Facebook-style "like" button to be attached to interactive TV ads, allowing a consumer to express a preference for the spot itself or product. Technology for serving iTV ads being developed by Canoe Ventures could fuel the concept. ...Read the whole story

  • Tidal Taps MTV's Herman As Chief Product Officer

    Video ad technology firm TidalTV on Monday is expected to name Brad Herman as chief product and media officer. In this newly created position, Herman will be responsible for setting and executing product strategy, while also managing the supply side of TidalTV's operations, including driving inventory strategy and managing publisher relationships. ...Read the whole story

  • Meredith Registers Rev Growth Cross-Platform

    Local television continues to be strong for TV station operators: Meredith Corp. posted a 30% increase in local media revenue in its most recent fiscal quarter. In addition, the company's magazine group enjoyed an upswing. Meredith earned $97 million in its fiscal 2011 second quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • Sunbeam Drops Trade Claim, Pursues Monopoly Charge

    Sunbeam Television, which owns the Fox station in Miami, has dropped two charges against Nielsen that alleged unfair trade practices and breach of contract. Instead, Sunbeam intends to focus on separate allegations that Nielsen operates a monopoly and violated antitrust laws in South Florida. ...Read the whole story

The Emperor Has No Clothes, But We Have Our 'Skins'

It was my intention today to provide a rationale for the "convergence" (there's that word again) of the key elements of direct-to-consumer marketing with today's fully functional, data-driven digital platforms. But I'm not going to do that. Instead, consistent with my belief that we toil happily in the MediaTech business, where devices are key, but content is king, I happened to run into some content that gives even a fully clothed emperor a bad name. ...More

  • With Brand-Builder Olbermann Gone, MSNBC Heads Into Uncertain Territory

    It wasn't called The KOTV News Network: Keith Olbermann TV. But no single news personality was more associated with MSNBC than Keith Olbermann. Brand association? MSNBC = Keith Olbermann. Recent ratings data may suggest otherwise, but for much of MSNBC's ascent, the network rode on Olbermann's back to big ratings, notoriety, and, yes, controversy. ...More

  • An Integrated Approach To Online Video And Social Media Marketing

    There's a wealth of information available contrasting online video advertising and broadcast advertising, traditional marketing to online marketing, whether or not social media will kill PR, push advertising vs pull marketing, lean-back versus lean-forward and on and on. Maybe the time has come to stop pointing out the disparities or trying to figure out which is better -- and to start capitalizing on the similarities, identifying the places where the mediums intersect and, more importantly, where they can be benefit each other in the bigger picture. ...More

  • Justin.tv Sued For Copyright Infringement

    In a move reminiscent of Viacom's attempt to sue YouTube for copyright infringement, Zuffa's Ultimate Fighting Championship has sued Justin.tv for allegedly not taking enough proactive steps to prevent users from uploading pirated streams. ...More

  • Got Ideas? Feel Like Innovating? TV Needs You

    Consider this: For all the talk about how many advertising dollars are migrating online these days, there's still no bigger ad bucket than TV. Advertising on television accounts for about $70 billion in spending per year. Yet advertising on TV is still the least innovative ad medium around. ...More

  • MTV Programming: Always Looking For New Ways To Get Some Skin In The Game

    The scandal around "Jersey Shore"? All that seems quaint now -- especially looking at what "Skins" is going through. Concerned that "Skins" may have gone over the line, maybe breaking child pornography laws, five major advertisers at last count -- Taco Bell, Subway, H&R Block, G.M. and Wrigley -- have pulled their advertising from the program. ...More