• Broadcast Sector: Improved Profitability, Undervalued Stocks

    Although TV stations continue to report hefty financial gains in recent periods, broadcasters are still trading below the stock market as a whole. "The sector appears undervalued by around 15%," says Michael Alcamo, president of New York-based media investment company M.C. Alcamo & Company. ...Read the whole story

  • DVRs Approaching Critical Mass, Finally: Prove More Of A Whimper Than A Big Bang

    As far as important industry milestones go, the one announced late Tuesday by Interpublic's Magna Global unit, that DVRs are finally poised to reach the 50% mark - a level often thought of as critical mass for a mass medium like television - may seem a bit anticlimactic, and just goes to show that big industrial shifts sometimes are more evolutionary than they are revolutionary. In fact, Magna estimates that milestone will not be crossed for another five years, but its year-end 2016 forecast is the first time the ad industry has had an official halfway mark for the dreaded ...Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Scores More Digital Viewers

    Young Super Bowl TV watchers 18-34 who have smartphones will be using them heavily during the big game. According to Lightspeed Research, 59% intend to send emails and texting about the game during it. Almost as many viewers will do the same for non-Super Bowl-related matters, such as checking out advertisers' digital areas. ...Read the whole story

  • Movie Advertisers OK With MTV's 'Skins'

    Scared away from possible content issues over MTV's new hit show "Skins" in its premiere episode, the advertisers in the second episode were the usual ad clients: movies, video games, program promos. ...Read the whole story

  • Canoe Ventures Readies Interactive Ads For Spring

    Canoe Ventures CEO David Verklin said that seven networks will offer advertisers an opportunity to run interactive ads in 20 million-plus cable homes in about 90 days. Of the seven nets, four will be run by Comcast, a co-owner of the initiative. ...Read the whole story

  • Regis Is Leaving Daytime, Not Show Biz

    Regis Philbin said he made a mistake when he announced that he would depart the daytime talk show he co-hosts with Kelly Ripa this year. He should have made it clear that he is leaving, but not fading into the sunset. ...Read the whole story

  • Kia Pulls Out Stops To Promo '11 Optima

    This year, Kia is taking a page out of sibling Hyundai's big-voices, big-places strategy to promote its 2011 Optima and other vehicles. The Irvine, Calif.-based automaker is not just advertising in the Super Bowl along with Hyundai and getting vehicles in the new series "Nikita" on The CW Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Google TV Ads Exec Wants Consumer Feedback, Granular Metrics

    Google TV Ads executive Mark Piesanen said he would welcome a Facebook-style "like" button to be attached to interactive TV ads, allowing a consumer to express a preference for the spot itself or product. Technology for serving iTV ads being developed by Canoe Ventures could fuel the concept. ...Read the whole story

  • Meredith Registers Rev Growth Cross-Platform

    Local television continues to be strong for TV station operators: Meredith Corp. posted a 30% increase in local media revenue in its most recent fiscal quarter. In addition, the company's magazine group enjoyed an upswing. Meredith earned $97 million in its fiscal 2011 second quarter. ...Read the whole story

Blandness Doesn't Win In TV's New Sports Content Arena

With all the sports on television, you would think TV critics, viewers and journalists would have their fill. But we all bore easily. Worse still, familiarity breeds contempt. Apparently, there are aspects of TV sports that might be called dull. Examples include the current number-one player in women's tennis and the length of NASCAR races. ...More

  • The Emperor Has No Clothes, But We Have Our 'Skins'

    It was my intention today to provide a rationale for the "convergence" (there's that word again) of the key elements of direct-to-consumer marketing with today's fully functional, data-driven digital platforms. But I'm not going to do that. Instead, consistent with my belief that we toil happily in the MediaTech business, where devices are key, but content is king, I happened to run into some content that gives even a fully clothed emperor a bad name. ...More

  • With Brand-Builder Olbermann Gone, MSNBC Heads Into Uncertain Territory

    It wasn't called The KOTV News Network: Keith Olbermann TV. But no single news personality was more associated with MSNBC than Keith Olbermann. Brand association? MSNBC = Keith Olbermann. Recent ratings data may suggest otherwise, but for much of MSNBC's ascent, the network rode on Olbermann's back to big ratings, notoriety, and, yes, controversy. ...More

  • An Integrated Approach To Online Video And Social Media Marketing

    There's a wealth of information available contrasting online video advertising and broadcast advertising, traditional marketing to online marketing, whether or not social media will kill PR, push advertising vs pull marketing, lean-back versus lean-forward and on and on. Maybe the time has come to stop pointing out the disparities or trying to figure out which is better -- and to start capitalizing on the similarities, identifying the places where the mediums intersect and, more importantly, where they can be benefit each other in the bigger picture. ...More