• Chevrolet Goes For Goal With Super Bowl Buy

    Chevrolet may have been licking its wounds last year, but it's back big-time now and out to prove the point at the Super Bowl next Sunday. The automaker will have six or more TV spots in the game, plus a post-game surprise -- which GM Global CMO Joel Ewanick and Chris Perry, VP of U.S. marketing, are keeping mum about for now. ...Read the whole story

  • Viamedia Sells Cable Inventory On Google TV Ads

    Viamedia, a rep firm that sells on behalf of a collection of cable systems, will offer some of the inventory it controls for bidding on the Google TV Ads system. The rep firm said advertisers buying time through Google's auction-based system will be able to reach 2 million homes it serves on 68 cable networks. ...Read the whole story

  • HDTVB: Bureau Helps Advertisers Find Stations Inserting HD Ads

    Thanks to digital spectrum and hardware, high-definition TV has been bringing a clearer picture to many local TV viewers. But when it came to planning media buys on local TV stations transmitting in HDTV, advertisers and agencies have had decidedly less clarity. Until today, that is. Effective today, media buyers can access a new planning tool on the Television Bureau of Advertising's TVB.org site giving them easy and up-to-date access to a list of stations transmitting programs and inserting advertising in HDTV. ...Read the whole story

  • NHL Ups Sponsorships, Media Spending

    The NFL isn't the only sport to crow about higher ratings and revenue -- the NHL has lifted its key business numbers, as well as its media dollars to TV partners. Over the past year, the NHL has either renewed or started up a series of new league sponsorships. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Cable: Profits Rise, Fewer Subscribers

    Time Warner Cable registered big profit gains for its fourth quarter -- but continued fewer video subscribers. The second-biggest cable TV operator in the country improved its net profit 22.2% to $392 million in the fourth quarter 2010, with revenues gaining 5.9% to $4.8 billion. ...Read the whole story

  • Allstate, American Family Differ In Hispanic Approach

    A spinoff of its national general market advertising campaign, "Mayhem," Allstate is introducing an effort with the antagonist "Mala Suerte," who represents unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, a new 30-second spot from American Family Insurance, "Three Kids," is aimed at reaching both the Hispanic and general market. ...Read the whole story

  • Audi Super Bowl Ad Puts Redefined Luxury In Driver's Seat

    Audi will join the traffic jam of car ads in the Super Bowl with a spot looking to further position itself as a luxury brand. As always, it has a lot to live up to, with its 2008 "Godfather"-inspired spot garnering critical attention. This year, well-dressed inmates try to escape a luxury prison. ...Read the whole story

  • 68% of U.S. Adults To Watch Super Bowl, Ads Big Draw

    The Super Bowl may not be as super as a year ago -- in terms of viewers -- but what viewers it will get will be more interested in what marketers have to say. More women than men are watching --- especially for the commercials. ...Read the whole story

  • Turbo Tax Owns NBC Sunday For 'All-Star' Push

    With the big tax return selling season here, Turbo Tax decided to go big in getting awareness with one major effort: The software company will be the sole advertiser on NBC on Sunday night, January 30. Turbo Tax is wrapping itself around the "All-Star Celebrity Treasure Hunt" push, with spots airing across seven NBCU properties. ...Read the whole story

  • Kellogg Crunchy Nut: Taste As #1 Message

    "We're kind of debunking the notion that only children want great-tasting cereal," says Derek Sherman, executive creative director for Kellogg's long-time creative agency, Leo Burnett. "This is definitely an adult, non-decadent breakfast cereal, but our message is that it's a joyful experience. We looked for a humorous way of conveying this to an adult audience that also fits with Kellogg's well-established positive, optimistic brand voice." ...Read the whole story

  • Healthier Food Ad Messages Generate Big Media Buzz

    Healthier messaging from big fast-food and confection companies is getting women to talk to each other. A six-month analysis from the Women at NBCU Brand Power Index shows that brands such as McDonald's, Nestle, and Frito-Lay are generating bigger online and offline buzz. ...Read the whole story

  • Repping Verizon Ups TWC Ad Sales

    A deal where Time Warner Cable serves as a sales rep for Verizon's FiOS service played at least a minor role in boosting the cable operator's ad sales near the end of 2010. TWC expects to see added gains this year, despite lack of political dollars. ...Read the whole story

  • NASCAR Airs Racing Specials In 3D

    After TNT offered a NASCAR race in 3D last summer that aired on DirecTV, the satellite operator will carry two racing specials in 3D focusing on a different racing series. The hour-long shows will start Feb. 4 on DirecTV's dedicated 3D channel, n3D, which has Panasonic as a sponsor. ...Read the whole story

  • Akoo Expands University Presence

    Akoo, which operates an interactive, digital out-of-home video network reaching college dining halls and mall food courts with "social TV," has expanded to a number of new college campuses across the U.S. -- including some of the nation's largest schools. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Rebounds With 'Idol,' 'Bones' Improves

    Long an also-ran on Thursday night, Fox has made up for it in the last two weeks -- big time. That little show "American Idol" has something to do with it -- pulling perhaps the biggest number for any Thursday show in a while: a Nielsen preliminary 7.6 rating/21. ...Read the whole story

  • Philadelphia Expands Tourism Campaign

    "With Love, Philadelphia XOXO" includes a consumer-engagement program to get people to come up with text for billboard advertising. The campaign launches this week with dominations in New York City and Washington, D.C., train stations, and with advertising on the CNN Airport Network. ...Read the whole story

Obama & The Entrepreneur's Creed

President Obama's State of the Union address last week gave a big shout-out to entrepreneurs and innovation. As someone who served in Washington and has been an entrepreneur ever since -- minus a brief stint with a large media company -- I found that his message really resonated and was an important acknowledgment of the contribution we entrepreneurs have made and will continue to make in revitalizing our economy. There is something I've come to think of as the Entrepreneur's Creed, which has helped me to navigate some fairly choppy waters. Here it is, for your edification and amusement: ...More

  • Young Consumers: Cutting Cable Costs & Splurging on Movies May Not Be Contradictory

    What happens with theatrical movies never seem to be a predictor for what happens to the rest of entertainment media. But when ticket prices continue to rise, you have to wonder -- what about the traditional financial model of supply and demand? Entertainment options are voluminous these days. So it's incredible that one of the older, more traditional entertainment platforms still finds a way to increase ticket prices 5%, to an average of $7.89. ...More

  • Don't Move! That TV is Following You

    Gesture-based interfaces are the kind of cool technology that engages the user in specific circumstances, but still leaves us wondering about its general utility. Tom Cruise's in-air swiping maneuvers for navigating screens in Minority Report look neat as all get-out, but how long will most of us be able to keep our arms suspended in air all day just to move to the next screen. Gesture-based interfaces have a tendency to exchange engagement for gross inefficiencies. It is hard to beat the amount of virtual real estate you can cover with an inch of mouse movement. ...More

  • Computers Hooking Up With TVs

    According to SideReel, an independent Web TV destination with a base of more than 10 million monthly unique users, 40% of respondents had connected their computer to their TV in the past month, a three-fold increase over last year's results. 60% of people connecting a device to a TV connect their computer, and 5% use a box like Roku, Boxee or Google TV. ...More

  • The State of the Union Address -- This Constitutionally Mandated Speech Brought To You By...

    Here's an American reality for you: We expect commercialization. Sponsorships make the wheels go 'round (just ask NASCAR). We're OK with this, as long as you leave certain sacred cows out of it. Elected officials would have to head that list. But I submit to you this: perhaps it's time to end this separation of consumer and state. I'm not suggesting out-and-out sponsorship of politicians. No, let's just leave that behind the invisible curtain of lobbyists. It doesn't have to be all that overt, nor should it line the pockets of the politicians themselves. What it would do is allow ...More

  • Hulu Ponders Pay TV Model as NBC Pulls Back; Where Does That Leave Comcast?

    Pushed around by the still-hot media commodity that is Netflix, the rumblings are that Hulu needs to step up its game by moving more strongly into a pay-TV model. No, Hulu Plus won't cut it. That is just a little sideline business and consumers can't really distinguish much between it and regular old Hulu. ...More

  • Syndication & TV Stations: A Missed Revenue Opportunity?

    Television stations and the syndication industry continue to be a steady business partnership. But could it be better? Take Hearst Broadcasting's David Barrett. He says Hearst stations grab 40% of ad revenues from local news, 24-30% from network programming, and the rest from syndicated shows. ...More

  • Snookivision: 'Jersey Shore' Crushes MTV Online Viewing Records

    Is the hit MTV series "Jersey Shore" experiencing the same breakaway success online it enjoys on cable? Fuggedaboutit! MTV reports that after dropping two new episodes of the reality TV series on-air last week, the online video views went ballistic. More than 1.6 million unique visitors hit Snooki and friends in a single week, the best results ever for an MTV series. The viewers gobbled down streams like they were free canole, 15 million streams in a week. The next best week of streaming tied to an MTV show had been 12.3 million views off of the 2010 Video Music ...More