• Comcast Reps AT&T U-verse Ad Sales

    In another deal that involves cable operators joining with competitors on the local ad sales front, Comcast will represent AT&T U-verse in 20-plus markets starting in June, providing the cabler more reach. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS, NBC Drop Old Ad Fees: Puts Light On ABC As Lone Holdout

    ANA chief Bob Liodice claimed a certain level of victory with the organization's efforts to eliminate the decades-old fees that ABC, CBS and NBC had charged for the physical work of inserting ads in the system before they run. CBS and NBC have dropped the fees, while ABC still charges "on occasion." ...Read the whole story

  • Search Me: TV Nets Miss Chance To Connect With Viewers

    Patterns in search volume suggest traditional TV broadcasters are missing an opportunity to connect with viewers online. That's according to a white paper from Google analyzing the behavior of viewers and the patterns in online use: before, during and after shows air. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Launches Regional Sports Net

    In a move that will affect millions in Southern California, almost all Los Angeles Lakers games will be on pay TV starting with the 2012-13 season. Time Warner Cable is launching a regional sports network that will carry all the team's games, except for a handful that are broadcast nationally. ...Read the whole story

  • Oscars Command Pricier Ad Market

    ABC has benefited from a strong TV ad market and has sold out its "83rd Annual Academy Awards" with higher prices than a year ago. Some advertisers are shelling out $1.7 million and more for a 30-second commercial, up from $1.6 million for the same spot in '10. ...Read the whole story

  • Discovery Reports 7% Rev Gain

    Discovery Communications continued to have strong financial results for its fourth quarter. The period witnessed a 7% gain to $1.01 billion in worldwide revenue, with a 9% hike in U.S. results to $612 million. One cloud: OWN's ratings are down, but higher than Discovery Health. ...Read the whole story

  • In Late-Night Talk Battle, 'Leno' Wins

    About halfway through the season, NBC's late-night moves are still moving in the right direction. TNT's "Conan" continues to be a different story. Leno's "Tonight" show is up 42%, while "Conan" has fallen dramatically since its launch. ...Read the whole story

  • DirecTV to Distribute 3net 3D Network

    3net, an all-3D network formed by Sony Corp. in collaboration with Discovery Communications and IMAX Corp., announced its first distribution deal with DirecTV, set to begin at 8 p.m. on February 13. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Holds Thursdays, 'Idol' Still Reigns

    Fox is still tops on Thursday nights, but "American Idol" numbers dropped slightly in the ratings -- so did CBS' "Big Bang" and "Grey's." "Bones" is still going strong. ...Read the whole story

  • Grammys Sing: Best Numbers In Years

    Big event television is still strong. The Grammys scored its best numbers in seven years. The show gained 1% over a year ago to a Nielsen 10.0 rating/27 share among the 18-49 audience and a 3% hike to 26.5 million overall average viewers. ...Read the whole story

  • Lowe's TV Ads Promote Tax Refund Card

    "Tax refund time is a point on the calendar when retailers really lick their chops," Greg McBride, senior financial analyst with Bankrate, tells Marketing Daily. "That part is nothing new. But you may see a little bit more innovation if this small test is expanded." ...Read the whole story

  • Upfront Comes Under Fire

    Horizon Media's Bill Koenigsberg railed against the upfront process Thursday, saying it needs reform because it requires difficult long-term planning in an ever-changing business. ...Read the whole story

Premium Content, Best Measurement Metric: Just Follow the Money

Content ruled again this past week, as AOL shelled out a cool $315 million for the Huffington Post and Rupert Murdoch launched The Daily. What does this mean for those of us in the traditional TV business? ...More

  • Social Networking During Your Favorite TV Show -- What If It Were Prescribed By Your Doctor?

    Headline in The New York Times: "Does Loneliness Reduce the Benefits of Exercise?" Does this also apply to another form of recreation? That is, what if loneliness reduces the benefits of television? ...More

  • The Evolution Will Be Televised

    Recent controversy over Millennial-targeted television programming provides insights into the differences in the way American generations view the world. ...More

  • Print Has a Pulse, But Radio Has a Rebirth

    According to the STRATA quarterly survey of media buyers, 24% of agencies' clients are more focused on radio, up from 17% in the prior quarter. The number of agencies reporting they are spending less on radio is off by half, with 17% trimming radio budgets compared to 34% who said that three months ago. The survey of advertising agency buying teams finds fewer are cutting radio budgets, and client interest in the medium is growing. The report notes that the top three media, television, Internet and radio, appear to be the breakout hits of the advertising recovery. ...More

  • The Politics of Volume

    The announcement of Keith Olbermann's signing with Current TV this week unfortunately made me think about the world of Infotainment, or OpinionNews, or whatever you want to call it. Now, it's easy to dismiss such a move by Olbermann as one of either hubris or desperation. Is this an act of someone who believes himself bigger than the medium, like Howard Stern and his jump to Sirius? Or is it a grasp to stay relevant, taking his opportunity in one of the only venues that didn't have a non-compete clause in his deal with MSNBC? Will the right have Keith ...More

  • Set-Top Box Lexicon: Return Path Data

    CIMM's Set-Top Box Data Lexicon is a compilation of terms and definitions associated with Set-Top Box data and its measurement. This Word-A-Week column highlights a term and definition from the CIMM Lexicon. It is our hope that this will help in creating a common language for Set-Top Box data usage and help expedite the roll-out of the data for its many industry applications. We tend to use the term "Set-Top Box data" as the generic data term for all the data available in the hardware. But this is not as accurate a term as Return Path Data (also known as ...More

  • Have Super Bowl Creatives Given Up? Re-Edited Spots Reflect Desperation

    So here's the lowdown on Super Bowl ads: advertising creatives have essentially thrown their hands in the air. The ads used to be about monkeys doing tricks, men getting their private parts batted around, or talking infants engaged in wise-cracking. This year added the imagery of women and babies getting dinged -- all in the name of fun, apparently. Have creatives run out of ideas and resorted to doing stuff that is too edgy and not terribly entertaining? ...More

  • Surprise! Broadcast Net And Affiliates Battle Over Cable Retransmission, But Comcast Isn't The Culprit

    For the better part of a year, TV critics hounded Comcast's potential ownership of NBC Universal -- especially in regards to where Comcast would stand with NBC affiliates. The threat? Making NBC into a cable network. Apparently, critics were focusing on the wrong network. According to reports, cable retransmission discussions have become so heated between Fox and its affiliates that senior network executives have threatened to look to other forms of "distribution" if things don't go their way. ...More