• Scatter Market Cools

    Soaring TV scatter-market pricing has slowed down considerably in the first quarter, according to media agency executives -- but it is generally still higher than upfront pricing set in the summer a year ago. Hikes tend to be 10% to 15%. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Video Ads In Premium TV Earn Most Attention

    Getting more bang for your digital video ad has less to do with its length than the video content where it runs. A new study by digital video ad sales rights/ad server company FreeWheel pegs completion rates of video ads in content 20 minutes or longer -- typically in premium TV shows -- at 81%. ...Read the whole story

  • Wieser Steps Down As Interpublic's Top Ad Seer, Becomes CMO Of 'Targeted TV' Ad Developer Simulmedia

    They don't make ad industry seers the way they used to. Less than two years after Brian Wieser replaced Bob Coen as the top forecaster at Interpublic - and the ad industry's de facto chief bean counter - he is leaving to join early stage TV ad targeting technology company Simulmedia as CMO. His predecessor, Coen, had the job for 61 years, creating the role after the widow of McCann-Erickson Founder Alfred McCann funded a Harvard study defining advertising and endowed a position at the Interpublic precursor agency to begin tracking it. ...Read the whole story

  • Telemundo Adds Social Media Group

    Telemundo announced the launch of its new strategic social media arm to better connect with the growing Hispanic presence on online social networks. Dubbed Social@Telemundo, the new unit will be led by Borja Perez, vice president for digital media and integrated solutions at the Spanish-language media company. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Registers 11% Rev Gains, Retrans To $250M By '13

    Higher TV show licensing revenues and continued growth in advertising helped lift CBS Corp. to big financial gains in its fourth-quarter reporting period. The company rose across the board -- from interactive to cable. ...Read the whole story

  • Telemundo Launches Social Media Unit

    Telemundo is amping up its focus on social media through a dedicated group in the emerging space. Tabbed Social@Telemundo, Borja Perez, a digital media executive, will head the venture and work with production and ad sales. Initiatives are planned in Spanish and English. ...Read the whole story

  • Big Sponsors Sign Up For Latin Music Awards

    Chevrolet, with its spending odometer clicking rapidly, will serve as one of four new sponsors on this week's "Latin Music Awards" broadcast on Univision. After a slew of Super Bowl spots, the GM brand joins L'Oréal, Old Navy and Walmart as new entrants behind the show. ...Read the whole story

Set-Top Lexicon: What Is A Back Channel?

Continuing on last week's discussion of Return Path Data, which is a more accurate term for what we tend to call Set-Top Box data, we now take a look at the term "Back Channel" also known as Back Path or Back Haul. It is the existence of the Back Channel that enables us to receive the data from its various source points. But the mere existence of a Back Channel is not a guarantee of receiving a full range of data gathered on the box. Some Back Channels, lacking bandwidth, do not have enough capacity to return a full range ...More

  • Digital Media Comes At One Speed -- Fast -- But Consumers Want Some News To Slow Down

    There are other media events where consumers actually want the news cycle to slow down -- if not stop entirely for a period. The recent Grammy Awards were another in a string of events where fans looked for a more languid approach. ...More

  • Analysts: Internet TV Riding a "Megatrend" But Infrastructure is the Sure Winner

    Investors have some reason to be skeptical of the digerati's persistent claim that Internet-based and distributed video content really has arrived. After all, there were many false starts -- from Web TV to Pseudo TV, TheDen to Entertaindom TV. And dare we say "Joost?" And even now, TV content at Hulu and the network sites tends to suck attention away from the video hubs and "digital studios" that continue to compete with YouTube and others for ad dollars. For the big money on Wall Street it is hard to know where to place bets. But one investment group that controls ...More

  • I'll Take 'Game Show Guillotines' For $600, Alex

    This evening, the world learns the answer to the burning question on everybody's mind: "Are the TV game shows of the future safe for humanity?" Personally, I believe all game shows are in jeopardy unless the producers and networks embrace the reality that it's not an IBM supercomputer that threatens to make on-air game show contestants -- and the genre -- irrelevant. ...More

  • A New Marketing World For On-Air Sports Hosts -- But Are They Also Reporters?

    Worried if Nike has ESPN's announcers in its pocket? I'm not too concerned -- though viewers might be. Seems all of ESPN's "College GameDay" crew -- Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit -- have deals with Nike for doing speaking engagements on the brand's behalf, and wearing footwear not seen on-air. This is nothing new. A number of network sports personalities, including others at ESPN, have marketing deals. ...More

  • Keep It Cheap, Stupid: Psychology of the Pirate

    Despite the proliferation of paid media models, online piracy of copyrighted materials will continue, according to a new report from PwC. In its survey of 202 people who admit to downloading pirated media, the company found that of course the chief motivator is price, supported by their perception that "everyone is doing it." Curiously, PwC found that the many ad-supported sources of free media might be contributing to the legitimization of piracy because they blur the line between legitimate and illegally obtained copyrighted material. ...More