• ABC Grabs Retrans Fees From Most Affiliates

    Top Disney executive Anne Sweeney said ABC has more than 64% of its affiliates paying for rights to offer the network. The affiliates are paying ABC a license fee or a portion of the so-called retrans consent dollars they are collecting from cable/satellite/telco TV operators. ...Read the whole story

  • Pyrex, Homemaking Goddess Sandra Lee Partner

    The Pyrex brand and Sandra Lee have teamed up to educate consumers on how to cook with care when using glass bakeware. Lee, author and editor in chief of Semi-Homemade magazine, also is the host of "Sandra Lee Celebrates," a series of primetime specials on HGTV, and two highly rated television shows on Food Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Miracle Whip Embraces 'Haters'

    The latest incarnation of Miracle Whip's distinctive "We're Miracle Whip and We Won't Tone It Down" brand positioning not only declares that the spread isn't for everyone, but is anchored by TV spots featuring both celebrities and actors representing average consumers who declare that they "hate" the brand, interspersed with praise from those who love it. ...Read the whole story

  • Sales Of TV Sets Rebound In Q4

    The global business economy for TV sets has rebounded. Fourth-quarter 2010 shipments of TV sets grew 15% to 77.6 million units, after falling 9% in the third quarter. The survey came from DisplaySearch's Advanced Quarterly Global report. ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix To Stream CBS Shows

    Netflix has inked a deal with CBS that allows it to stream some of the network's shows, although none that are currently on the air. The list includes the recently canceled "Medium" and summer show "Flashpoint." ...Read the whole story

Two Different Worlds, No More

Despite the headline, this is not a commentary on the Middle East -- which makes me one of the few people not publishing uninformed opinion. Some years ago, the visionary CEO of a direct marketing agency approached a speaker's podium with the song, "Two Different Worlds" playing in the background. His message was simple: that direct-to-consumer marketing rests primarily on the principle of relevance -- and that principle was going to be increasingly important as mass media platforms gave way to more specialized digital platforms with unique communications characteristics and attributes. But he wasn't talking to direct marketers; he was ...More

  • The Case For And Against Branded Entertainment Comes To A 10 p.m. Drama

    The question of whether or not to offer product placement is often on the minds of 10 p.m. network show producers. Maybe they also think about how theatrical movies handle this issue -- especially when it comes to fictional versions of public figures. ...More

  • Privacy By Design: Best Practices For A TV Industry In Transition

    Online advertising has been coming under a good degree of scrutiny lately, and television may not be far behind. As new technologies evolve to tell us more about who's watching what, it seems highly likely to me that one of these days some flavor of "Do Not Track" will be applied to the television platform. The question is, who among us will be prepared? ...More