• 'Nightline' Is Late-Night Winner, Triple-Demo Threat

    In the midst of what may be the tightest race in years in the broadcast late-night time period, the unlikely winner continues to be ABC's "Nightline" -- now the strongest among key younger viewers. It's also No. 1 in the 18-49 category. ...Read the whole story

  • Betty White Gets New NBC 'Rockers' Show

    NBC wants to take advantage of the popularity of the 89-year-old named Entertainer of the Year by the AP last year. Betty White, who has helped make TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" a comedy hit, will host a hidden-camera show on the network. ...Read the whole story

  • MLB Pitches A Big Opening Day Campaign

    The initial salvo of TV and Web creative touts San Francisco Giants' Brian Wilson, American League Cy Young Award winner Felix Hernandez and Colorado Rockies' Ubaldo Jimenez. The league says that by the time the campaign has unreeled over the course of the MLB season it will have shone the spotlight on 30 players. ...Read the whole story

  • Social Media Increases Popularity For TV Viewer Comments

    TV viewers continue to increase their usage of social media when it comes to TV programs. A new Harris survey says two in five online U.S. adults -- 43% -- have gone to the Web to comment, post, or read something about a TV show. ...Read the whole story

  • TidalTV Raised $30M To Enhance Ad Tech, Reach

    Video ad technology firm TidalTV raised about $30 million from existing investors, including New Enterprise Associates, Comcast Interactive Capital and Valhalla Partners. Its AdOSTM technology uses relevant data to improve ad delivery. ...Read the whole story

  • Targeting 18-to-49s, NBC Turns To Celebrated Octogenarian

    NBC is looking to take advantage of the popularity of the 89-year-old named Entertainer of the Year by the AP last year. Betty White, who has helped make TV Land's "Hot in Cleveland" a comedy hit, will host a hidden-camera show on the network. ...Read the whole story

  • Greek Yogurt: Athenos 'Yiayia' Spot Beats Competitors

    Kraft Athenos's new "Yiayia" campaign may have offended some Greek organizations, but its Greek yogurt spot is beating the competition in effectiveness, according to an analysis of recently launched TV commercials within the category conducted by Ace Metrix for Marketing Daily. ...Read the whole story

  • Fanta Unveils Global 'Less Serious' Campaign

    The strategic unification is a necessary next step for the brand, given its large and expanding global footprint, and is also designed to enhance marketing productivity, said Coca-Cola Company EVP and chief marketing and commercial officer Joe Tripodi, during a press Webcast Tuesday announcing the campaign. ...Read the whole story

  • Bowled Over: ESPN Posts Best Quarter

    With the addition of the Bowl Championship Series and live sports becoming more popular, ESPN said it posted its strongest first quarter ever in viewership numbers. The network averaged 1.08 million viewers for total day tracking, up 17% from last year, which marked the previous record. ...Read the whole story

  • African-Americans Watch Most TV, Asians Least

    African-American U.S. homes used their televisions more than all other U.S. ethnicity groups -- double the amount of Asians, who watch the least TV. African-Americans were at 7 hours and 12 minutes per day, and Asians were at 3 hours and 14 minutes. ...Read the whole story

Lessons From TV And Mag Sales: Quality Content, 'Company You Keep' Still Matter

I was recently asked about how to counter a price objection from a small advertiser. I spend a lot of time in rooms with groups of salespeople helping them think about ways to fight the sales fight in the toughest environment I have ever known. Of course the price objection happens across the board; from big and small advertisers and in the business-to-business market as well as consumer market. There are so many choices for advertisers, and there seems to be a whole new media category every year; location-based social marketing, anyone? ...More

  • Beware The Ideas Of March

    At last June's D8 Conference, Steve Jobs made some astute remarks about the TV industry's seemingly insurmountable roadblocks to innovation. Critics and fans alike posited that Jobs was posing as a decoy, while Apple geared up for a sneak attack into the TV space. ...More

  • Mobile TV Apps: TV Everywhere, And Everywhere Confusion

    More live TV on iPads and tablets? Everyone wants a piece of this growing business. But who owns this space -- content providers, or traditional and expanding cable operators? More importantly, can you count the audience -- especially when watching TV on their iPad in the bathtub? We are sure Nielsen will offer up a clean answer to this -- someday. ...More

  • Weather Channel Launches Four-Screen Program Premiere Tonight

    I decided a long time ago not to second-guess The Weather Channel. And I am not referring to their weather forecasts, where (like everyone) I can quibble here and there. No, I mean their far-sighted view of media. In my earliest days of covering mobile media (we're talking 2004-2005), I recall several conversations with Louis Gump, a pioneer of their mobile unit who is now with CNN. He told me that video had a huge future on mobile. I was skeptical. But TWC was already gearing up with content strategies and ad sales staff aimed at moving clients across screens. ...More

  • Too Many Ad Messaging Opportunities? Don Draper Might Not Agree

    "Mad Men"'s financial tussle is way less mad than you may think. The easy question concerning AMC's delays and changes concerning the show is this: How can you run a big-budget cable TV drama that has far less advertising revenues than many other cable dramas? Answer is: You can't. ...More

  • Crackle's Ad-Supported Movies and TV Streaming Comes to Roku Boxes

    Over-the-top boxes are still in their infancy and hold only a small fraction of the video on demand market. But each of the early players is jockeying for position with unique content offerings and experimental models. Arguably, Roku has been among the most interesting collections of niche content providers. The library includes classic and obscure media apps, some of which charge incremental monthly or annual fees to access their Web-based "channels" of content. This week the Sony Crackle app gets updated to bring ad-supported VOD to the platform. Sony also announced that its ad-supported film library would be available via ...More