Media Insights Q&A with Lisa Joy Rosner

Lisa Joy Rosner, CMO of NetBase, is not only on the cutting edge of social media research and marketing, she is also an expert in e-commerce and CPG trends. In this interview, Lisa Joy talks about NetBase and its proprietary insight and analysis of social media for marketers, the issue of privacy in the digital arena and the mind of the new consumer. She also posits some predictions about the media landscape and what we can expect from social media in the years to come. ...More

  • Snacks

    If you'll indulge me this week, I'd like to cover a couple of topics of interest in MediaTech. On Conferences: I attended two last week. There continues to be a steady drumbeat of discussion on the subjects of targeting and measurement, very often by the same strong voices. ...More

  • 'Manufactured' Reality TV: Viewers Can See The Thumbprints

    Finally, a burnout over reality! "We heard a lot from viewers about how they felt that some programs were too manufactured -- that they could see the producers' thumbprint on the shows," Tom Calderone, president of VH1, recently told The Wall Street Journal. ...More

  • President Obama Comes to Facebook TV

    Less than a year into its video streaming project, Facebook Live is building up a notable library of streams it has produced both on location and within its own studios. This Wednesday it nabs the best get yet - President Barack Obama, who will convene a town hall meeting over the service at 1:45 PST. ...More