• Ram Truck Launches Outdoorsman Online

    Chrysler's Ram Truck division has rolled out a new version of the pickup called the Outdoorsman, designed for people who hunt, fish, camp and are more likely to bring a bowie knife than a camera into the boonies. They are, therefore, likely to need storage bins, a good towing capacity, chargers and a rugged-looking vehicle. ...Read the whole story

  • Newcastle Brown Ale Launches First TV Campaign

    Newcastle Brown Ale, imported by Heineken USA, has launched its first television campaign. The campaign includes three 30-second TV commercials with creative playing off the theme "Taste The Lighter Side of Dark." ...Read the whole story

  • Yahoo Buys IntoNow, Focuses On Interactive TV

    Yahoo has acquired the fledgling IntoNow, a company with a mobile platform that functions much like interactive TV. IntoNow, which went live in January, recently inked its first advertising deal with Pepsi. ...Read the whole story

  • McGraw-Hill Broadcast Revs Up 10%

    TV operations at McGraw-Hill continued to benefit from automotive advertising and more informercial business during the first quarter, drawing $20 million in the period. Retrans revs were also on the rise. ...Read the whole story

  • Staying Current: Olbermann Returns To TV

    Keith Olbermann, set to serve as the anchor -- in more ways than one -- in Current TV's strategy to grow visibility, will make his debut June 20 in the prime-time lead-off spot. His week-nightly show, "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," will air at 8 p.m. ...Read the whole story

  • Nearly 100 Million HH Online By '16, Mobile Ads To Grow 60%

    Paving the way for more online activity, 99.4 million U.S. households will be online by the end of 2016 -- of which 97.9 million will have broadband services -- according to a new forecast from Interpublic Group's Magna Global. ...Read the whole story

  • Merged Hospitals' Efforts Reassure Commitment

    Via a print, television and digital marketing campaign, the Duluth, Minn.-based hospital system (formed in late 2010) uses the work of three accomplished photojournalists to demonstrate the network's commitment to patient-centered care. ...Read the whole story

  • Discovery, History Network Top Consumer Favorites

    The TV networks named by consumers as their most favorite may not be the ones they actually watch, according to TV measurement companies. Beta Research reveals that consumers' top 3 favorite channels are: Discovery Channel, History and Food Network. ...Read the whole story

  • Edge Gel Launches First TV Push In Years

    Edge Shave Gel is hitting the airwaves for the first time in at least three years with a new TV spot via AOR JWT. The ad, meant to appeal to regular guys, versus super athletes and the elite, started Tuesday night on cable networks like Comedy Central, History, MTV, Spike, TBS, ESPN, and Versus, and goes on Fox later this week. ...Read the whole story

  • TLC Showcases Royal Wedding On TV, Digital Billboards

    TLC is using the Royal Wedding as its sort of "Shark Week," stuffing its prime-time schedule with all aspects of the nuptials. The network will simulcast on a Times Square billboard as it airs the wedding live Friday. ...Read the whole story

  • truTV Offers 'Repo' Episode Via Facebook

    As networks search for ways to build engagement through Facebook, Turner's truTV has a novel tactic: a bonus episode. After receiving a major uptick in "Likes" for the show page, the network will offer visitors an added episode of "Operation Repo" late Wednesday. ...Read the whole story

The Limits Of POOR Points

In last week's column I wrote about the television industry's continued search for supplements to -- and ultimately, replacements for -- the dead weight (i.e., the "Bernie" of "Weekend at Bernie's") of traditional media measurement: age-sex demos.This week I want to show you why more and more buyers and sellers of media are moving away from using current currency by itself and toward more actionable set-top-box data paired with other types of data: behavior-based, and -- for our purposes here -- purchase-based. ...More

  • Departing Couric: News Anchors Have A Shorter Shelf Life -- With More Entropy

    These jobs aren't forever, Katie Couric told David Letterman recently. Being the main anchor of a big TV news broadcast used to be akin to a Supreme Court judgeship -- you held the job until basically you couldn't do it anymore. CBS' Walter Cronkite held the job for decades; so did Dan Rather. Couric? Just five years. We know her remarks to Letterman had a point. Those early evening newscasts aren't what they once were. ...More

  • Spectacles: The Next Generation

    Almost 30 years ago, on July 29, 1981, 750 million people worldwide tuned in to watch Prince Charles and Lady Diana tie the knot -- mostly through quaint old live television. If you missed it, there were news programs rerunning endless highlight reels, and maybe you had a VCR, a kid in AV club, and a blank tape. Chances are, you didn't have cable yet -- MTV, the cable station that brought cable subscriptions to a new level with their "I want my MTV" campaign, would debut just three days after the Royal Wedding. ...More

  • Fox Finds New Way To Outfox Regional TV Sports Competitors

    Influencing friends and business partners -- that's what it comes down to in modern TV dealing Fox's regional sports cable TV operation loaned some $30 million to Frank McCourt so his Los Angeles Dodgers could make payroll. But if not Fox, it would have been Time Warner Cable. That's one way to influence things. ...More