Set-Top-Box Lexicon: DVRs of All Types

Continuing on last week's theme of PVRs and DVRs, we now take a look at the range of DVRs available in the market today from those that are self contained boxes within the home (such as the TIVO box) to others that are accessed via the Set-Top Box or through a remote server. Here is a list of all types of DVRs currently available along with their definitions: ...More

  • How To Analyze Cable During The Upfront

    The upfront season is underway and the cable hype has begun. As each network unveils its fall schedule and strategy, it generates a fair amount of industry press. Many of these stories don't focus on ratings, of course, because most cable networks don't have good audience stories to tell. ...More

  • How Often Can You Bite The Hands That Feed You In TV? The More The Better

    In TV land these days, it's not whether or not to bite the hand that feeds you -- it's the size of the bite. Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC's "The Last Word" took some 13-plus minutes to dig into not just Donald Trump's theoretical run for the presidency, but into NBC executives letting the glaring media attention on Trump get to this level. He is critical of the network that probably knows whether The Donald will make good on his big promise. ...More

  • Donald Trump: Presidential Candidate, Trash TV Titan or Both?

    Is Donald Trump a "carnival barker"? Are his collective media appearances of late the stuff of a "sideshow"? President Obama seemed to suggest as much during a very brief press conference yesterday in which he attempted to put to rest the largely Trump-fueled frenzy over the validity of his birth documents. I'll leave it to others to determine whether such words apply to Trump's mission to verify Obama's personal history. I will assert, however, that they describe perfectly the Trump we have been watching this year on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice." ...More

  • Comcast VOD: Closer To A Clearer Picture, But Still A Long Way To Go

    Hulu couldn't do what Comcast's TV-based video-on-demand can: Offer current programs from all the broadcasting networks (including CBS, which Hulu doesn't have). Mind you, it isn't all current TV shows. Comcast's Xfinity TV On Demand service will have 32 of the top 50 network prime-time programs. And, as with other services, Comcast will offer only a few recent episodes -- four in Xfinity's case, as compared with five with Hulu. ...More