• Grey Goose TV Spot Backs New Facebook Initiatives

    The television buy and supporting digital and other media (including streaming video, to commence about a week from now), plus public relations, represent a doubling of ad spending for the brand over last summer's campaign. The campaign strategy is designed to give Grey Goose "the #1 share of voice" in vodka over the summer, according to its brand director, Michelle Beauchamp. ...Read the whole story

  • Fox Plans Ambitious Fall Season, Adds Cowell, Spielberg Shows

    The Fox network -- the longtime industry leader among 18-49 viewers, the ones advertisers desire most -- will look for a much stronger fall start than it has had in the last few years. That includes new comedies, Steven Spielberg's futuristic "Terra Nova" and Simon Cowell's "The X Factor." ...Read the whole story

  • Multiplatform Gaming Channel Offers Targeted Ad Option

    Videotron will begin rolling out a TV channel devoted to multiplatform casual and social gaming that consumers can access online through computers and mobile devices, such as smartphones and Apple's iPad. Advertisers may choose to integrate specific ads across various screens. ...Read the whole story

  • ABC: 13 New Fall Shows, Major Comedy Push

    ABC wants to turn around an uneven year with a big slate of 13 new series and a marketing strategy to spread out program starts throughout the season. The network is seeking programs with more male viewers to complement its heavy influx of affluent women viewers. ...Read the whole story

  • Disney May Make Power Play For Olympics

    Walt Disney and its ESPN sports brand are considering upping efforts to grab U.S. TV rights from NBC for the next round of Summer Olympics by adding a component that would make Walt Disney a big Olympic marketer and possible licensee of Olympic-brand products. ...Read the whole story

  • Time Warner Boosts VOD, Banks On BlackArrow

    Time Warner Cable, which is interested in boosting ad revenues for its video-on-demand offerings, has made an investment in BlackArrow, a firm that powers dynamic ad insertion in VOD. ...Read the whole story

  • Trump Dumps Presidential Plans, Returns To 'Apprentice'

    Donald Trump is not running for president. The host of "Celebrity Apprentice" will be back early next year hosting another season of the NBC hit. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Fighter' Russell Directs Ketel One Campaign

    High-end vodka Ketel One will launch an estimated $9 million campaign that includes spots on Discovery, ESPN and Comedy Central. With a "Gentlemen, This is Vodka." theme, created by Grey Worldwide and directed by Oscar-nominated David O. Russell. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Dancing, Castle' Propel ABC's Season End

    Sprinting towards the finish of the TV season, a number of shows improved ratings results because of season finales on the next-to-last Monday night of the season. But ABC conquered all with "Dancing With the Stars" and "Castle." ...Read the whole story

  • Kimberly-Clark GoodNites Effort Includes TV

    The company says the campaign touts GoodNites' design and fit, with -- for the first time in three years -- a TV advertising component. The ad illustrates how quickly kids grow, as the creative shows a child getting bigger overnight. The TV ads run through September on programs like "The Today Show," "The View" and "Good Morning America." ...Read the whole story

  • Rodgers Retires From TV One

    Johnathan Rodgers will retire this summer as president-CEO of TV One, the network he helped found in 2004. With Radio One and Comcast as part owners, the network was profitable after five years and is now in 53 million homes. ...Read the whole story

Media Insights Q&A with Jane Clarke

This week the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) announced the results of a feasibility study for the Trackable Asset Cross-Platform Identification (TAXI) project. This study, in partnership with the ANA, 4A's and the IAB is a first step in implementing open and interoperable industry standard codes for content and ads across all content. I sat down with CIMM's Managing Director, Jane Clarke to talk about TAXI and other CIMM initiatives. ...More

  • 'With The First Pick In The 2012 TV Draft, The CW Selects..."

    The upfront season brings the usual excitement and disappointment when it comes to new programming -- as well as new business opportunities. But TV -- in reality the most popular consumer sport -- should now consider one big improvement, an idea that TV Watch has floated in previous seasons: TV needs a commissioner. ...More

  • Change 101: Putting a Dent in the Universe

    I hail from a long line of entrepreneurs. If we haven't always read the crystal ball correctly, it hasn't been for lack of trying. A hundred years ago, my great-grandfather Max Helfstein owned the biggest stable of hacks in New York City -- you know, the horses that pulled taxis and delivery trucks all over the city. A colleague of his arrived one day in 1915 with what he claimed was the latest and greatest new invention, one he said would revolutionize the transportation industry: the automobile. Skeptical, Gramps took the thing out for a spin, and promptly crashed it ...More

  • The Value Of Reruns: When Will It Shift From Syndication To Digital Video Platforms?

    Repeats of off-network programming -- or, more recently, off-cable-network shows -- used to be a sure thing for TV producers financially. But that may be changing. One example: Broadcasting & Cable says the HBO shows "Entourage" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" aren't cutting it in syndication and have been pulled -- a rare business flub. ...More