• Mind Games: Nielsen Acquiring Brain Prober, Thwarts WPP Bid

    Nielsen Co. has agreed to acquire NeuroFocus, one of the leading companies applying neuroscience to advertising, media and brand research, MediaDailyNews has learned. The deal, which is expected to be announced soon, follows a bid by WPP Group, the largest advertising and media services company in the world, and an arch rival to Nielsen in marketing and media research. ...Read the whole story

  • Major IPTV Adoption Means $27B Revs By 2014

    Subscriptions from IPTV (Internet-Protocol TV) based companies will almost double in three years to 70 million, forecasts SNL Kagan. IPTV video service revenues will more than double in three years -- growing to $27 billion in 2014 from $12.9 billion in 2010. ...Read the whole story

  • CW Kicks Off 4 New Shows, Reaches Beyond Core Demo

    Looking to add some new viewers beyond its core young women crowd, CW will launch four new series for the fall -- three dramas and a reality show. ...Read the whole story

  • CW's Shopkick App Promotes Shows, Ad Deals

    During the present upfront ad sales process, CW is pushing two mobile apps looking to support TV marketers' sales efforts. The mobile app Shopkick rewards CW viewers with special discounts and rewards from advertisers while they watch their commercials. ...Read the whole story

  • Veteran NBC Sports Chief Dick Ebersol Resigns

    Shocking the TV sports programming world, longtime sports TV executive Dick Ebersol, chairman of the NBC Sports Group, has resigned. His association with the Olympics has been his biggest success for NBC over the last few decades. ...Read the whole story

  • Honda Puts Both Engines, Marketing Into IndyCar

    Honda, which became sole provider of the Indy V-8 engines that power the cars in the IndyCar series starting in the 2006 season, has a big marketing push on deck for this year's keystone event of the series, the Indianapolis 500. In addition to sponsoring the pre-race show on ESPN, as well as on ESPN.com, Honda has a whole fleet of print, TV, and interactive ads during the coverage. ...Read the whole story

  • Univision: More Original Shows For 2011-'12 Slate

    Univision confirmed it has three new cable networks coming in 2012, one each focusing on news, sports and telenovelas. There is also a big push in the reality genre, with "Protagonistas," a cross between "American Idol" and "Big Brother." ...Read the whole story

  • 1800 Tequila Debuts New Spots With 'Sopranos' Star

    Proximo Spirits said it is rolling out eight new spots for its 1800 Tequila brand with former "Sopranos" star Michael Imperioli continuing as spokesman. The $18 million effort is to run on ESPN and other cable networks. ...Read the whole story

  • Vme Airs Spanish-Language Version of 'Kennedys'

    The Vme network will offer "Los Kennedy," the Spanish-language version of the controversial mini-series. The 3-year-old network moved into the upfront market by offering what it calls "brand entitlements." ...Read the whole story

  • Troy-Bilt Gets Technical In New Mower Campaign

    Troy-Bilt is taking a different approach both in medium and message. The company is talking about the quality and technological savvy that goes into its walk-behind mowers with a campaign focusing on a series of online videos. The effort is, in fact, Troy-Bilt's first campaign to rely solely on digital media. ...Read the whole story

Broadcast Networks: Survival Means Mastering Multi-Rev Streams

The broadcast networks will become less viable for their general branded scheduled platforms and more for their TV studios. That new dynamic could ultimately give the broadcast network companies an edge over their cable rivals. ...More

  • NBC And Fox Maximize The Value Of Traditional Upfront Events

    Last Sunday, as I was thinking about the week to come, I found myself wondering if there was still any point to traditional broadcast upfront presentations. I felt this way because of the unprecedented amount of information about the networks' new series and scheduling plans that had gushed forth online last week, some of it put into play by the networks themselves, the rest by involved parties interested in stirring the pot. ...More

  • Two Cheers For 'Glee'

    Has there ever been a more exasperating TV show than "Glee"? This is a program with the potential to be one of the most memorable TV series of all time, one that reaches powerful, throat-tightening heights, yet it keeps undermining itself with dumb plotting and inconsistent character motivation. ...More

  • A TV Show By Any Other Name Now Carries More Weight, Innuendo, And Education

    What's in a TV title? Intrigue, a tease, and perhaps a number. CBS seemingly puts value in the word "two," adding two programs to the likes of "Two and a Half Men": the comedy "2 Broke Girls," and mid-season drama "The 2-2". All of which could be too much for some. ...More

  • Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Watermarking

    Unique identifying code is vitally important in a variety of fields, whether to prevent theft or, in the case of media, for example, copyright infringement. The watermark that is embedded into content after its point of creation has to be permanent, imperceptible, standardize-able and constant -- capable of withstanding changes or modifications in that content over time. ...More

  • New Network Shelf Space: Forgotten Time Periods, Inventing 'Schnursday'

    Looking for something different in network television? Or just maybe more quality content? With apologies to time-shifting devices everywhere, it still comes down to finding more time periods for programming. ...More