Tuesday, May 24, 2011
  • Soap Opera Demise Expands P&G, NBC Efforts

    Rich DelCore, P&G's director of global brand entertainment and VP of its Productions unit, says one impetus that set the company looking for new media platforms was the demise of soap operas P&G has historically been involved with -- "Guiding Light," and "As The World Turns." ...Read the whole story

  • Bluefin Labs Uses Social Media To Test TV Ad Impact

    Semantic technology start-up Bluefin Labs has begun testing tools for marketers to monitor and measure TV's influence via social media. The plan is to debut an automated platform to help advertisers understand the interplay between TV and social media. ...Read the whole story

  • Slight Uptick For TV Ad Revs, Station Cash Flow Robust

    Advertising revenue for TV stations slowed down considerably in the first quarter of this year. Fifteen publicly owned U.S. media companies reported revenue growth of 1.2% in the first quarter to $1.15 billion compared with Q1 in 2010, per M.C. Alcamo. Much of this softness comes as predicted, given this is an "off-year." ...Read the whole story

  • TiVo Adds Hulu Plus To Offerings

    TiVo continues to amass digital video services -- this time Hulu Plus -- to keep its time-shifting service top of mind. TiVo Premiere has added Hulu Plus to its 3 million TiVo subscribers, who also have access to Netflix, Blockbuster, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube services. ...Read the whole story

  • Choice Hotels Unites Brands For Campaign

    Choice Hotels is a true "brand of the people," said Bruce Dincin, senior director of marketing and advertising for Choice Hotels. "This campaign is a reflection of our commitment to listening to our guest's needs and desires and giving voice to the average value seeking American traveler," Dincin tells Marketing Daily. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: Online Video Ads Beat TV Ads In Viewer Recall

    Viewers pay more attention to online video ads than to traditional TV commercials and also recall them better, according to new research that utilized Affectiva's facial tracking algorithms and second-by-second biometric modeling of cognition, excitement and stress levels. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS Ad-Confident Despite Ratings Decline

    At least in the near long-term, CBS appears confident it can continue to grow ad dollars even as ratings decline. CBS CFO Joseph Ianniello says the network delivers largely unmatched reach, along with an environment advertisers covet, and they will pay a premium for both. ...Read the whole story

  • Visa Launches Travel-Themed Campaign

    Social media engagement continues to play a significant role in San Francisco-based Visa's ongoing U.S. marketing efforts. The campaign gives travelers a new tool to share their experiences through a Facebook application, Memory Mapper, which uses Google Maps satellite technology and a person's own photos, videos and captions to chronicle a visual story of their travels for a unique keepsake to share with friends and family. ...Read the whole story

  • Glee Wikia Trumpets TV Show, 'Engagement'
  • 'Billboard' Makes Music For ABC
  • Bacardi Campaign Brings It All Together
    Is Marketing ESPN Just Preaching To The Choir?

    At the ESPN Upfront on May 17, intended to lure new advertisers to and have current marketing partners expand around the network's upcoming schedule, a packed house at the Best Buy Theater in New York was ...More