• Infiniti Challenges Lexus, Lets Fans Decide On Media

    The "Challenger" campaign is continuing with a more aggressive creative and a social-media component in which consumers help decide the ads' media rotation. The new chapter comprises a pair of 15-second spots that will not even air on TV until social fans of the luxury auto brand decide which of the two ads deserves the heavier media rotation. ...Read the whole story

  • Ford Launches Major Racing Program. NASCAR? Not

    "Millennials are the heart and soul of the business and there are some other companies who have formed total brands to attract them," Ford's Jim Farley said. "That was a rewarding discovery for me as a leader -- that marketing tactics and product strategy can be totally different." ...Read the whole story

  • ION TV To Air 6 Starz Movie Titles

    The ION network has acquired first-run rights to films in the basic cable and broadcast windows for the first time, inking a deal with Starz Media. The six films will be used as part of its "Big Movie Weekend" starting in November. ...Read the whole story

  • GAO: Kids' TV Needs More Content, Ad Oversight

    The U.S. Government Accountability Office says there needs to be more oversight for kids' programming, especially for cable and satellite broadcasters. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Siempre Mujer,' CNN Target Hispanic Women

    Meredith Corp.'s "Siempre Mujer" is teaming up with CNN en Español in a new multimedia initiative geared to Hispanic women in the U.S. Drawing on the combined print, broadcast and digital assets of the two media partners, the effort will highlight stories of Hispanic women overcoming obstacles to achieve their ambitions. ...Read the whole story

  • Baseball Strikes Out With Major Players

    Television ratings for Major League Baseball's All Star game dropped this year; part of the reason may have to do with the players. Big stars, like New York Yankees' Derek Jeter, despite the high profile of hitting his 3,000th hit recently, didn't play. ...Read the whole story

  • Conan, Old Spice Top Emmy Nominations For Ads

    Conan O'Brien's celebrated "Curtain" commercial for American Express top-lined six commercials nominated for an Emmy Award. He was followed by the Old Spice spot, as well as Subaru and Nissan ads. ...Read the whole story

Do You Suffer From PBS?

As marketing, media or advertising professionals, we all suffer from PBS. I'm not referring to the ongoing debate on funding of the Public Broadcasting Service. Rather, the affliction that needs your attention is your own Personal Bias Syndrome. This condition can be attributed to how we all tend to assume that the way we enjoy media and embrace new technologies is pretty much the same way everyone else is doing it, too. Let me share a few prevalent examples that illustrate how our PBS is out of sync with what is actually happening. You might recognize some of these sympt ...More

  • Emmy Nominations 2011: No Major Oversights, With One Exception

    One of the few guilty pleasures enjoyed by professional television critics every year at this time is the opportunity to rip into voting members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences about the egregious omissions and questionable choices inherent in their annual nominations for the Primetime Emmy Awards. Once the nominees are announced there is always a level of palpable frustration and exasperation that makes for blistering copy, if nothing else. ...More

  • Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Versioning

    Advanced, customizable advertising that better targets relevant consumer and purchasing groups is one aspect of addressability. The message itself -- the content and creative of the targeted ad -- must also speak to the viewer in a more engaging manner to form a greater connection. This week we examine those terms that apply to the craft of the message itself and the ways in which messages and products can become more targetable and relevant to viewers. ...More

  • Cowell, New Singing Reality Show Boss, Is Same As -- And Nastier Than -- The Old Boss

    Cowell's new show, "The X-Factor," seems to take a swipe at "American Idol" -- a rare move considering both shows air on the Fox network. The latest "Factor" promo starts off with Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and others in syrupy mode -- praising mediocre performers for their "spirit," only to find out this is a dream --actually, a nightmare -- of Cowell's. The scene then shifts into the real Cowell, calling people "horrific," "total rubbish" and the like. It delivers what we want to see with Cowell -- complete with an occasional rolling of eye in light of a Paula ...More