Social TV Marketing On Track For $12 Billion By 2020?

I attended the Social TV Summit in Los Angeles yesterday. As the summit's title suggests, it was a day spent listening and talking about how social media is intersecting, enhancing and altering television viewing, media and advertising. It was a great conference and hit a hot topic at exactly the right time. ...More

  • The Commercial Value Index: All Rating Points Are Not Equal

    When I was on the media agency side of the business, and sat through numerous upfront presentations, there would generally be at least one or two cable networks trying to sell me on some sort of value index that went above and beyond just the Nielsen ratings. While some of these indexes were interesting, all were fundamentally flawed. A few years ago my buyers asked me to develop a better set of value factors that could be used for all clients -- value factors that I could not find fault with (and anyone who knows me understands how difficult that ...More

  • CBS' Summertime Buzz: Tease Me! Tease Me! And Promise To Please Me

    Summer is the time for networks to drive big awareness for the fall season -- especially for new shows. But sometimes with a change in characters, more marketing is needed. High on the list here is the obvious: CBS' "Two and a Half Men." What better to get our attention than an outdoor and print campaign showing -- what else -- three men, including new cast member Ashton Kutcher? Oh, by they way, they are naked behind a sign touting the start date of the new season. ...More

  • Not Completely The Apple Of My Eye

    For a long time I've doubted that the Internet would replace traditional over-the-air and wired television as the primary source for video content. I just didn't believe that Hulu, Netflix, YouTube or any other online service could take the place of broadcast and cable networks. My conclusions were partly based on hard evidence -- Nielsen research shows that only about 1% or 2% of all "three-screen" video is consumed over the Internet -- but, like many commentators, I mostly extrapolated from my personal anecdotal experiences. ...More

  • Do News Corp.'s Brands Need A New Image In The U.S.?

    How do you save a media brand when your name is Rupert Murdoch or News Corp.? You shut down a profitable weekend newspaper; you buy back $5 billion in News Corp. shares; you cut bait on trying to take over British Sky Broadcasting; you trot out a couple of resignations; and you take out full-page ads in U.K. newspapers, including one that had long pursued a story against one of your own papers. There'll be more coming. ...More