• Domino's Posts Feedback On Times Square Billboard

    The billboard initiative -- active through Aug. 23 -- is clearly designed to drive more online orders, as well as bring the latest element of novelty to the brand's now-familiar strategy of supporting the reformulation of its pizzas with marketing/advertising stressing its ongoing efforts to use customer feedback to improve continuously. ...Read the whole story

  • Ogilvy Debuts Specialty Video Practice, Pushes Engagement

    As online video continues its dramatic rise, Ogilvy & Mather on Thursday officially debuted its own specialty video practice. It will target measurable engagements that place viewers directly into the sales funnel. ...Read the whole story

  • Nexstar Back On Sales Block

    The sprawling Nexstar station group, which operates 63 TV station nationwide, is exploring a sale once again. A 2007 effort was scuttled as the economy weakened. ...Read the whole story

  • DO Gets TV Dollars, 44% Shift Spending From TV Budgets

    Media buyers and planners are embracing digital out-of-home video as a way of reaching consumers who are increasingly on the go and less accessible via other, traditional media channels. ...Read the whole story

  • Apple Source: May Bid For Hulu

    Apple Inc. could be making an unusual bid for the networks'-owned video service Hulu. Apple is considering a move for the popular premium video site, which estimates say could carry a $2 billion price tag. ...Read the whole story

  • Study: 30% Watch Videos On Emerging Devices

    The preferred "can't-live-without" method to view videos and watch and search for entertainment remains for 68% of males ages 18-34. For all online viewers, consumer-generated videos uploaded to sites such as YouTube rose from 33% to 46%. Full-length TV rose from 25% to 30% ...Read the whole story

  • Reporter's Notebook: Comic-Con, Behind-The-Scenes, And On The Street

    SAN DIEGO - You hear a lot about the 150,000-plus fan-boys and - girls who jam the massive San Diego Convention Center every year during Comic-Con. Most of them carry at least one digital communication device, and as they move through the hundreds of panels and presentations devoted to movies, television series, licensed characters of all kinds, video games, comic books and Web-based content, they furiously pump almost everything they take in right back out via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or other social networking platforms. ...Read the whole story

  • Honorary Reporter's Notebook: Comic-Con In The Tablet Age

    SAN DIEGO - Comic-Con hasn't become what it's become because of comic books, at least as far as the military-industrial-entertainment-media complex is concerned. It's grown to the size it has through the promotion of movies and television, some of which use comics as their source material, some of which have tangential relationships to comics or animation, and some of which have absolutely nothing to do with comics at all. ...Read the whole story

  • NNN Unveils Hispanic Newspaper Network, Targets Local Spanish TV Ad Budgets

    In recognition of the growing size and influence of the U.S. Hispanic population, the newspaper industry this morning will introduce a new national network that will offer marketers a one-stop buy for reaching consumers in Spanish-language daily and weekly newspapers. The new service, the NNN Hispanic Network, is a new division of the newspaper industry's Newspaper National Network, and is the first set up to explicitly target and package newspapers buys for a multicultural segment of the U.S. population. ...Read the whole story

  • Reebok Kicks Off 'Reethym Of Lite' Campaign

    While the shoes themselves may evoke '80s flashbacks, the new campaign is pure urban club culture. It includes 25 dancers, 150 extras and choreography from Hi-Hat, as lasers, smoke and an acrylic box create a multidimensional Classic R, enclosed within a box. ...Read the whole story

  • Casio Vignettes Show Off Phone's Toughness

    The television and Internet video campaign, with the tagline "Tougher is Smarter," depicts the phone going through a series of real-life tests designed to show off its military-grade specifications, which include being able to withstand extreme temperatures, vibration, drops and submersion. ...Read the whole story

  • HD Spots Grab 20% Of TV Ad Inventory

    HD commercials now comprise almost 20% of all TV commercials -- about double the share they had a year ago. The spike is due to lower distribution costs and more local TV adoption of HD spots. ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Ups FiOS Rolls, Boasts Of Upscale Customers

    Verizon increased its subscriber rolls for its FiOS TV service in the second quarter at a faster pace than in the same period a year ago. The telco posted a net gain of 184,000 customers, above the 174,000 in the same period in 2010. ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix Screens Good Results

    Netflix's second-quarter results show improving numbers when it comes to revenue, income, and the number of subscribers. Netflix profit was up more than 50% in the second quarter of 2011 to $68.2 million. ...Read the whole story

  • EA Sports Taps Into College Football Devotion

    "Unlike other sports where people are involved with the league or with star players, with the NCAA they're really involved with the schools and the pageantry," Dustin Shekell, advertising manager for EA, tells Marketing Daily. "This year, the campaign is about taking that devotion to a certain level. That's what the sport is all about." ...Read the whole story

  • Verizon Brings Pandora To FiOS TV

    Pandora's push to become a multiplatform service got a boost this week with Verizon's announcement that it will make the personalized Internet radio service available to FiOS TV subscribers in major media markets. ...Read the whole story

TV Needs Bolder Initiatives: The Right To Fail

Television's program development system remains largely devoid of core incubator creativity, where cost-effective risk and failure can render something new. ...More

  • The Commercial Value Index: All Rating Points Are Not Equal

    When I was on the media agency side of the business, and sat through numerous upfront presentations, there would generally be at least one or two cable networks trying to sell me on some sort of value index that went above and beyond just the Nielsen ratings. While some of these indexes were interesting, all were fundamentally flawed. A few years ago my buyers asked me to develop a better set of value factors that could be used for all clients -- value factors that I could not find fault with (and anyone who knows me understands how difficult that ...More

  • Social TV Marketing On Track For $12 Billion By 2020?

    I attended the Social TV Summit in Los Angeles yesterday. As the summit's title suggests, it was a day spent listening and talking about how social media is intersecting, enhancing and altering television viewing, media and advertising. It was a great conference and hit a hot topic at exactly the right time. ...More

  • What Would Consumer-Generated Marketing Do For Media Brands?

    We have all seen countless consumer-invented TV commercials and other consumer-inspired messaging -- for Doritos and other popular brands, especially during big TV events like the Super Bowl. What would happen if young millennials took a real whack at re-inventing -- or curating -- a media brand, like MTV, NBC, Netflix, or a Comcast Xfinity web brand? ...More

  • 'All My Children' TV to Web Transfer Could Change Everything!

    In roughly two months, the long-running ABC soap opera "All My Children" will end its run on the network -- and three days after that, thanks to an unprecedented licensing agreement between ABC and the production company Prospect Park, it will enter the history books as the first broadcast television series to move intact from television to the Internet. If "AMC" succeeds there, either as a free advertiser-supported Web series, or on a pay-per-month or pay-per-view and/or download platform, everything we know about the production, distribution and potential longevity of broadcast and cable programming will likely change forever. ...More

  • Threatened With Suit, Newport Television Backs Down From YouTube Copyright Claim

    Advocacy group Free Press recently launched a new initiative aimed at exposing what it calls "covert consolidation" in the media industry. As part of the campaign, the group created a short video with examples of how different local TV stations are sharing anchors, reporters, footage of interviews and even Web sites. Newport Television, a media company based in Kansas City, Mo., responded by demanding that YouTube take down the video. ...More

  • Networks On The Web Get About A Half-Hour Time Slot

    And here's another good reason for TV networks to dislike the Internet: they just don't get a fraction of the attention here that they do on their native platform. In a roundup of traffic metrics to the major nets this past year, Compete shows that the average unique user spend about half an hour at a network site each month. Compare that to the 34 hours per person per week Nielsen says Americans watched traditional TV in 2010. ...More

  • Has Your Latest Entertainment Technology Let You Down?

    You might love your iPad (though flash video might make it better). You might love your Netflix (though that price hike is kind of stupid). You might love your 3D movies (though you might feel ripped-off by low-grade storytelling). The overriding question is easy: Has your latest entertainment technology let you down? Moviemaker and mogul Jeffery Katzenberg said if many 3D movies feel lame of late, you have a legitimate gripe. ...More

  • Why Television?

    Here you are, reading the TV Board on MediaPost. So it's probably safe to assume that you, like me, love -- or at least give a hoot about -- television. Those of us who have created new companies in the space -- TRA, Invidi, Visible World, Simulmedia, Black Arrow, Media Bank, Canoe -- have joined the big players (networks, stations, media agencies, advertisers) in pursuing a big opportunity in TV and TV advertising. But have you ever asked yourself why? ...More

  • CBS' Summertime Buzz: Tease Me! Tease Me! And Promise To Please Me

    Summer is the time for networks to drive big awareness for the fall season -- especially for new shows. But sometimes with a change in characters, more marketing is needed. High on the list here is the obvious: CBS' "Two and a Half Men." What better to get our attention than an outdoor and print campaign showing -- what else -- three men, including new cast member Ashton Kutcher? Oh, by they way, they are naked behind a sign touting the start date of the new season. ...More