• OnStar FMV Hits Best Buy; Ad Campaign To Support

    Greg Ross, the VP of business extensions for GM, was in New York on Monday at Best Buy's flagship in Union Square. He tells Marketing Daily that the new effort "explains that all of the features, the technology, the engineering are packaged in a way that lets you easily put it in your car." He adds that Best Buy will be central to the message. ...Read the whole story

  • Domino's Posts Feedback On Times Square Billboard

    The billboard initiative -- active through Aug. 23 -- is clearly designed to drive more online orders, as well as bring the latest element of novelty to the brand's now-familiar strategy of supporting the reformulation of its pizzas with marketing/advertising stressing its ongoing efforts to use customer feedback to improve continuously. ...Read the whole story

  • Rumblefish Gives Advertisers Link To Music Licenses

    Rumblefish released an application programming interface Tuesday giving software developers a pipeline to integrate licensed music and soundtracks into mobile and Web applications through its FriendlyMusic portal. ...Read the whole story

  • DO Gets TV Dollars, 44% Shift Spending From TV Budgets

    Media buyers and planners are embracing digital out-of-home video as a way of reaching consumers who are increasingly on the go and less accessible via other, traditional media channels. ...Read the whole story

  • Internet-Connected TV To Grow 36% By 2016

    New bells and whistles on Internet-connected televisions aren't going to waste: Over 60% of Internet-connected TV households use TV apps at least once per week. Right now, Netflix and YouTube dominate the TV app landscape. ...Read the whole story

  • Honorary Reporter's Notebook: Comic-Con In The Tablet Age

    SAN DIEGO - Comic-Con hasn't become what it's become because of comic books, at least as far as the military-industrial-entertainment-media complex is concerned. It's grown to the size it has through the promotion of movies and television, some of which use comics as their source material, some of which have tangential relationships to comics or animation, and some of which have absolutely nothing to do with comics at all. ...Read the whole story

  • Reporter's Notebook: Comic-Con, Behind-The-Scenes, And On The Street

    SAN DIEGO - You hear a lot about the 150,000-plus fan-boys and - girls who jam the massive San Diego Convention Center every year during Comic-Con. Most of them carry at least one digital communication device, and as they move through the hundreds of panels and presentations devoted to movies, television series, licensed characters of all kinds, video games, comic books and Web-based content, they furiously pump almost everything they take in right back out via Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or other social networking platforms. ...Read the whole story

  • Comcast, NBC Adopt Dynamic Ads For VOD

    Moving toward a world of complete TV messaging targeting, Comcast and NBC Universal have adopted dynamic ad insertion for the company's video-on-demand programming. Spots running prior to and after a show will be subject to dynamic ad insertion. ...Read the whole story

  • NNN Unveils Hispanic Newspaper Network, Targets Local Spanish TV Ad Budgets

    In recognition of the growing size and influence of the U.S. Hispanic population, the newspaper industry this morning will introduce a new national network that will offer marketers a one-stop buy for reaching consumers in Spanish-language daily and weekly newspapers. The new service, the NNN Hispanic Network, is a new division of the newspaper industry's Newspaper National Network, and is the first set up to explicitly target and package newspapers buys for a multicultural segment of the U.S. population. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Project Runway' Fans Vote On Twitter

    Project Runway, the hit A+E Networks Lifetime reality show and designer competition that is debuting in its ninth season Thursday, will encourage fans to use Twitter to vote on specific designers in a campaign dubbed "Fan Favorite." The 20 designers have been assigned their own hashtag consisting of #PR and their first name. ...Read the whole story

  • Nielsen, Kantar Media Strike Deal For DirecTV Set-Top-Box Data

    Looking for greater access to valuable set-top box data for its local TV research products, Nielsen has made a multi-year deal with Kantar Media for its consumer viewing data from DirecTV set-top boxes. ...Read the whole story

  • EA Sports Taps Into College Football Devotion

    "Unlike other sports where people are involved with the league or with star players, with the NCAA they're really involved with the schools and the pageantry," Dustin Shekell, advertising manager for EA, tells Marketing Daily. "This year, the campaign is about taking that devotion to a certain level. That's what the sport is all about." ...Read the whole story

  • Netflix Screens Good Results

    Netflix's second-quarter results show improving numbers when it comes to revenue, income, and the number of subscribers. Netflix profit was up more than 50% in the second quarter of 2011 to $68.2 million. ...Read the whole story

We're All Entrepreneurs Now

What a show, with dueling arguments and superstar spokesmen. But we can now announce a deal. It's done. Our long national nightmare is over. With rancorous negotiations behind us, and billions of dollars rescued, the nation is secure. I speak of course of the NFL Players Association agreement with management. Now we can get on with our lives, our liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, at least every Sunday. ...More

  • Is The NFL The Only Option For Heavily Male-Targeted Marketers?

    The NFL is coming back -- and TV marketers are breathing easier. But might they be gasping again? Back in April, NFL TV advertisers -- who target male viewers -- believed their fall marketing plans might be in big trouble, due to a possible league shutdown. The concern was big, said those executives, because there were few alternatives to run their media and make business hay. Now the league is seemingly good to go this season. But the frantic thinking that beset the business for months might reveal a seemingly underlying problem in the growing entertainment and marketing world. Is ...More

  • Why Television?

    Here you are, reading the TV Board on MediaPost. So it's probably safe to assume that you, like me, love -- or at least give a hoot about -- television. Those of us who have created new companies in the space -- TRA, Invidi, Visible World, Simulmedia, Black Arrow, Media Bank, Canoe -- have joined the big players (networks, stations, media agencies, advertisers) in pursuing a big opportunity in TV and TV advertising. But have you ever asked yourself why? ...More

  • Has Your Latest Entertainment Technology Let You Down?

    You might love your iPad (though flash video might make it better). You might love your Netflix (though that price hike is kind of stupid). You might love your 3D movies (though you might feel ripped-off by low-grade storytelling). The overriding question is easy: Has your latest entertainment technology let you down? Moviemaker and mogul Jeffery Katzenberg said if many 3D movies feel lame of late, you have a legitimate gripe. ...More

  • Networks On The Web Get About A Half-Hour Time Slot

    And here's another good reason for TV networks to dislike the Internet: they just don't get a fraction of the attention here that they do on their native platform. In a roundup of traffic metrics to the major nets this past year, Compete shows that the average unique user spend about half an hour at a network site each month. Compare that to the 34 hours per person per week Nielsen says Americans watched traditional TV in 2010. ...More