Soap Opera's Swan Song Is Good For Women Who Refuse To Settle

With the end of the television version of long-time serials "All My Children" and "One Life to Live" on the heels of the demise of "As the World Turns" and "Guiding Light" (the longest-running program in the history of television), it is time to look at what these changes signify. While the latest casualties of the soap opera bloodbath are getting a respite thanks to a groundbreaking licensing deal that allows new episodes to be broadcast on the Internet, it is clear the genre is on its last legs. ...More

  • 'Mutual Fund' Media Planning Allows Buyers To Spread The Risk

    Not too long ago, some media buyers would revel in the excitement of picking a dark-horse show to do well. Buy low; sell high. A show's 'overdelivery' -- getting higher than expected viewership -- rarely enters the media jargon any more, and for good reason. Few, if any, expect shows to give more than what is promised -- let alone make it into a second season. ...More

  • Football, TV & The Ad-Edit Ratio

    Football is a funny thing in the TV world. It drives ratings through the roof and audiences to sofas across the country for hours at a stretch. It's a powerful mix, and one that brings out the best advertisers have to offer. And yet, here's the kicker, so to speak: There's actually not much football action to watch during a football game. In the three-plus hours it takes to broadcast a supposedly 60-minute football game, do you know how much time the teams actually spend playing the sport? Not quite 11 minutes! ...More

  • Both Advertisers And Viewers Look For Media Efficiency

    Media waste is something TV advertisers talk about it when it comes to their media buys, especially these days. But what about consumers who are increasing looking improve their media efficiency -- in other words, paying for programming and channels they actually watch? ...More