Media Insights Q&A With Glen Friedman Of Ideas & Solutions!!

Glen Friedman, owner of the consultancy Ideas and Solutions!! has been involved in the cable operator world for 30 years. In that time he has seen many changes and challenges to the business. In my interview with him, Glen gives us his insights into the changing television landscape and the impact that new technology has on the current operator model. ...More

  • Syndication Not Missing Oprah Yet, But Cable Could Use Her Help

    Just when you thought there was nothing to talk about in syndication, there's a lot of talk about talk. With "The Oprah Winfrey Show" now off the air, syndication talkers have grabbed bigger-than-expected ratings during the first two weeks of the season. ...More

  • Did Digital Media Save Comedy?

    For years, we've debated whether digital media would undermine or strengthen the television business. The fear has been that if viewers could see television highlights online, they wouldn't bother to watch the actual show. Or that if they recorded an episode, they would fast-forward through the commercials. But if "SNL" is any kind of test case, I would say that, for now, digital media is a net plus for television. ...More

  • TV Stations On Mobile: Is It Too Late?

    For years TV stations have salivated over the prospect of mobile devices running their most prized content: news. The theory? Their well-known call letter brand names would drive existing (remaining?) viewers to those mobile areas. But it appears that the same outcome might occur with those brands that happened on plain-old laptops and desktops. ...More