Friday, October 14, 2011
  • Lin TV Chief Upbeat About Local TV, Digital Biz

    LIN TV's chief said Wednesday that M&A in the local station business is likely to increase with "non-traditional" owners as potential sellers. Recently, Sinclair announced a deal to acquire seven stations from private-equity firm Cerberus, while Newport Television, which is owned partly by Providence Equity, has an impressive portfolio, though it may not be for sale. ...Read the whole story

  • Shopping Tool Ziplist Hits TV

    Ziplist has become a popular tool for grocery shopping and organizing recipes online and on mobile phones. Now the system is set to get additional exposure from celebrity chef Ming Tsai, who has added Ziplist as a high-tech ingredient for the 10th season of his PBS cooking show "Simply Ming." ...Read the whole story

  • Scripps Uses Trade Shows To Extend Business

    Steve Gigliotti, president of ad sales for Scripps Networks, said the company mines trade shows to cement relationships with existing clients and discover new ones. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Men-Only' Dr Pepper Ten Ad Pulls Mixed Results

    When you run a campaign specifically declaring that a new product is "not for women" (however tongue-in-cheek the tone), you've got to expect to generate some mixed reaction. ...Read the whole story

  • DVR, VOD Is Propelling TV Revenue

    Higher home television revenue is being driven by new TV-related services and equipment, including DVR units, HDTVs, VOD and other services. The study says growth of HDTV in homes grew 8%, while DVR penetration of U.S. home is now at 45%, up from 38% in 2010. ...Read the whole story

  • Double Take: 40% of Smartphone, Tablet Owners Use Device, Watch TV

    It seems about time we stopped labeling the mobile device a "third screen." During the time of day when it may matter most to marketers, both the smartphone and the tablet have become a tandem experience during prime time. According to the latest figures from Nielsen, 40% of smartphone owners and 42% of tablet owner are using their respective devices while watching TV on a daily basis. ...Read the whole story

  • Ted Koppel To 'Rock' NBC

    Ted Koppel, who spent years hosting "Nightline" on ABC, will be back on broadcast TV later this month. The well-respected interviewer will join the upcoming NBC prime-time newsmagazine fronted by Brian Williams as a special correspondent. ...Read the whole story

  • Video App Use Soars On Net-Connected TV

    According to a new study from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and The Nielsen Company, 54% of all users of video apps on Internet-connected TVs are using those sites for longer periods that on other devices. ...Read the whole story

    TV Isn't What It Used To Be

    It's no secret that Millennials are watching streaming video online, whether via YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Facebook, or any number of other sites (legal and illegal). And some are streaming online video via a box connected to ...More

    • Where Will Netflix Go From Here?

      With the dust only just beginning to settle from Netflix's recent mad, back-and-forth scramble of changes to its business model, it's a good time to ask where the entertainment service might end up in the long ...More