Syfy Courts The Online Community At Annual Digital Press Tour

Syfy's fifth annual Digital Press Tour this week reinforced what regular attendees of this confab have known for years: It is one of the most efficient and innovative publicity and promotion events in the business. One might suggest that press conferences in the digital age that are specifically targeted to Web writers, dedicated bloggers and epic tweeters ought to take place online. But watching attendees interact with Syfy's talent and executives throughout the one-day tour only reinforced the value of in-person contact, especially in a media-driven environment that encourages instant and continuous communication between all participants. ...More

  • 2012 Will Be The Year of Television -- And Other Predictions

    I was recently asked what next year has in store for the media advertising industry. Predicting the future is a fool's errand, but my gut is telling me that if 2011 was the year of mobile, then next year may be the year when television gets the limelight. Here's why: ...More