Top-10 Reasons Why HBO Might Have Done The Roku Deal

Early last week, HBO announced that HBO Go, its on-demand streaming service, will now be available on Roku set-top boxes. Since the HBO Go on Roku service is only available to those who already have a subscription and availability on their conventional set-top box, some folks are wondering why HBO went to all of the trouble to do this deal. I have some ideas and opinions on the matter, though no inside insight. Here they are: ...More

  • Does More Media Multitasking Mean More TV Distraction?

      According to Nielsen, 40% of smartphone and tablet users are so fascinated with using those new devices while watching TV -- to check emails, send social messages or go to websites -- that TV programs could be suffering. Much has been made about social media helping TV shows. But maybe it doesn’t help the likes of "Modern Family," "The Vampire Diaries" or "The Walking Dead." Sixty percent of people with mobile devices surveyed said they checked email while watching TV, while 40% to 50% engaged in searches unrelated to the shows they were watching. All of which means that ...More