• Regional Chain Uses TV To Take On Big Pizza Brands

    How does a regional pizza chain compete with the mega marketing budgets of giants like Papa John's, Pizza Hut and Domino's? A willingness to try new strategies certainly helps. Case in point: Anthony's Pizza & Pasta, a chain with 26 franchised locations in Denver and surrounding areas. ...Read the whole story

  • Ad, Cable Execs Debate Demand For Video-On-Demand, Fail To Address Addressability

    The cable industry has made big strides getting consumers to use video-on-demand television, but the conversation during an important industry meeting on the subject Tuesday night indicated it's still not enough to stimulate demand from other key stakeholders: advertisers and agencies. Following a presentation showing that consumers are not only embracing programming, but advertising on VOD platforms, some top ad executives questioned whether the cable industry's inroads actually "scale" for big advertisers, and suggested that the real on-demand opportunity may be online, on tablets or in the cloud. ...Read the whole story

  • Shopkick Debuts TV Deals With The CW

    In May, shopkick announced it was taking its mobile shopping technology to TV through a partnership with the CW network. The deal would allow people using the shopkick app to unlock exclusive deals when certain commercials aired during CW programming. Six months later, the cross-media program is rolling out with Tuesday night's episodes of "90210" and "Ringer" on the CW. ...Read the whole story

  • Ram Is Official Truck Of The Detroit Red Wings

    Chrysler Group LLC's Ram Truck brand will have a big presence during this NHL season thanks to a new program that involves the brand, the automaker's Great Lakes Business Center, and Southeast Michigan Ram dealers. ...Read the whole story

  • Ohio Tourism Website Showcases TV Shows, Movies

    The goal for the "Scene in Ohio" site is to capitalize on the "travel-motivating factors of mainstream media," says State Tourism Director Amir Eylon. Travelers are visiting places they have learned about from their favorite television shows and movies, he says. ...Read the whole story

  • Major Broadcasters Ink Social Network Deal

    Looking to raise their digital awareness with the rise of social media, 10 major local broadcast TV groups have made a long-term deal with ConnecTV, a free real-time social network. ...Read the whole story

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