• Twitter Campaign Pays Off For AMC Shows

    140 Proof, a social stream media platform company, has created a business strategy and technology that ties interest-based keywords and sentiment from social streams with targeted ads. The company worked with the digital agency TargetCast to connect AMC TV brands, such as "The Walking Dead," "Hell on Wheels," and "The Killing," to Twitter and other social media. ...Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Picks Older Poet This Time

    Chrysler is once again importing Detroit into an NFL ad buy. On Thanksgiving Day, during which the Motor City will host the NFL game between its own Lions and the Green Bay Packers, Chrysler will run a 60-second national TV spot. ...Read the whole story

  • Video Ad Revs Up 20%, TV Services Drive Growth

    Four major countries will see a collective 20% rise in online video revenues this year -- much of this coming from advertising-supported platforms. In Europe, in particular, catch-up TV services have been the key driver of free online TV and movie growth. ...Read the whole story

  • TidalTV; Michele Skettino

    TidalTV hired Michele Skettino to the newly created position of director of communications. Prior to joining TidalTV, Skettino was partner/director of marketing communications at MediaCom. ...Read the whole story

Television Advertising: Getting Big Results With Smaller Budgets

Despite all the buzz and fanfare for digital advertising and social media, television still dominates the media strategies of big pharma. The massive reach of TV and persuasiveness of sight, sound and motion are part and parcel of the successful marketing of prescription medications like Nexium, Lipitor and Viagra. So, is it realistic for midsize and smaller over-the-counter (OTC) pharma brands to engage TV as a lever without the luxury of big budgets? First, let's set the record straight about the tube. ...More

  • There's A Lot To See On VOD

    I'm not sure when it happened, but some time when I wasn't paying attention, video on demand (VOD) emerged as a legitimate option for timeshifting. I'd been using VOD to watch the occasional pay-per-view movie when I was feeling flush, but given how much media attention is paid to the other timeshifting platforms, it didn't occur to me until very recently to tune to VOD for regular free TV. But where VOD comes up short is in the lack of a consistent go-to-market strategy. ...More