• Madison Avenue Expat Wieser Forecasts Ad Industry's 'New Normal'

    In his first official ad spending forecast since leaving the ad industry, Brian Wieser describes Madison Avenue's near-term prospects in tepid terms that are the "new normal," Wieser, who is now a senior research analyst with Wall Street's Pivotal Research Group, previously was the top ad industry forecaster at Interpublic, before joining targeted TV start-up Simulmedia. His forecasts carry a lot of sway in both advertising and financial neighborhoods. ...Read the whole story

  • Visible World Expands Addressable Ads Via Tru2way

    Looking to provide more growth for its addressable advertising efforts, Visible World will link with U.S. cable operators' growing Tru2way technology -- a platform for interactivity and advertising -- with a new software solution. ...Read the whole story

  • Purina Enlists YouTube's Talking Dog

    Mishka, the talking Husky who has garnered millions of YouTube views, is the star of a new TV spot for Purina Veterinary Diets FortiFlora Nutritional Supplement. Purina's target audience is pet owners who want to do the best they can for their pets because pets bring so much happiness to their lives. ...Read the whole story

  • Sweeps: CBS Wins Total Viewers, But Fox Nabs Key Adults

    Though TV monthly sweeps -- like the one just completed in November -- typically matter little for national TV advertisers, they matter a great deal to many local TV stations that still set their local ad rates during these programming periods. And for that, Fox affiliates can be thankful. ...Read the whole story

  • Telemundo Links Sears, Kmart For 'Una Maid'

    Retail partners Sears and Kmart will integrate products fronted by both the Kardashian sisters and an average guy, Joe workman, in a new Telemundo novela. ...Read the whole story

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Mobilizing On-The-Go Moms

Moms are on the go, go, go...carpooling kids, working out of the home and shopping for their families and the holidays. In their roles as breadwinners and caregivers, it is estimated that moms will spend approximately $2.1 trillion in 2011, up 24% since 1999. Add their "purchase influence" to that and it is easy to see that moms impact virtually every advertising category, from retail to pharmaceutical to automotive to entertainment. ...More

  • This Column Has Been Updated With A Correction: New Social TV Player Umami Inks CBS Deal; Weaves in Online Video

    New social TV companion app Umami is expanding on its launch earlier this month via a deal with CBS syndicated shows "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" that will mark the start of a push into online video as well for the social TV service. Umami is one of a growing number of social TV startups vying to compete in what could become a crowded field. Already, Getglue and Miso have established beachheads in this space. But Umami has an interesting technology proposition since it relies on audio fingerprinting to sync its app to live or timeshifted programming from TV networks, ...More

  • Media Insights Q&A With Simulmedia's Jack Smith

    Jack Smith has the unusual title of Chief Product Officer for Simulmedia, which means that he determines what systems the company should build. And yet, it is not IT; his work touches all aspects of the business, such as research, sales and marketing. Jack, who comes to Simulmedia with an extensive experience in radio, the Internet and television, shares his views on a range of issues, from Big Data in TV advertising, set-top-box data in measurement, Connected TV, privacy issues and upcoming trends in the media landscape. ...More