Monday, December 12, 2011

Around The Net

  • Lowe's Pulls Muslim Reality Show Ads The Detroit News

    Controversy is brewing over national home improvement retailer Lowe's decision to pull its advertisement from the national cable show "All American Muslim," a show that follows the lives of five Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich. A Lowe's spokesman said on the company's Twitter account that "we did not pull our ads based solely on the complaints or emails of any one group. It is never our intent to alienate anyone." ...Read the whole story

  • Twins Big Hit In Walgreens Ad New York Daily News

    The 77-year-old identical Arnold twins' bickering has made them hits in a new Walgreens commercial. Iris Arnold and Frances Labinger banter hilariously in new spots promoting flu shots at Walgreens stores. The twins play “Edith” (Labinger) and “Ellen” (Arnold) and say things like "I was born first. I got married first. I had children first. And I’m the first to get this haircut,” says one. “I was the first to get a flu shot,” says the other. The twins are shooting a new ad for a law firm this weekend. ...Read the whole story

Local TV Revenues Help Explain NBA's Out-Of-The-Blue Decisions

Imagine when that New Orleans-area car dealership initially heard of the trade that would send big NBA star Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets to the Los Angeles Lakers. This car dealer probably had a ...More