Wednesday, December 14, 2011

    Around The Net

    • Turn It Down! FCC Regulates TV Ad VolumeNew York Post

      The Federal Communications Commission approved rules to protect viewers from loud commercials, in response to a  law passed in Congress called CALM (the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act). According to the rules, which go in effect next December, "an ad’s average volume cannot be louder than that of the show it interrupts," writes Matt Abrahams. "On its website, the FCC encourages consumers to 'report TV commercials that seem louder than the program they follow to the FCC' as a means to 'identify possible problem areas' and help evaluate the legislation's effectiveness once it goes into effect," according to Lucy Madison, ... ...Read the whole story

    • Aggregates All NBC Political CoverageNieman Journalism Lab

      The just-launched "is a way for people to have one destination, where they can get all the political coverage from all of our political reporters in one place, from all of the shows,” NBC News chief digital officer Vivian Schiller tells Nieman Journalism Lab. "One of the main impetuses [for the site] is we have so much strong politics coverage both on television and on the web, but you have to seek it out.” ...Read the whole story

    Smothered: Mom Always Liked Movies About TV Best

    Good news for those of us in the TV history business: we've learned that George Clooney and his producing partner Grant Heslov are developing a feature film about the tumultuous goings-on behind-the-scenes of the hit 1960s ...More