For Program Marketing Smashes In 2012, Nets Use The Old, The New, And Everything In Between

Does broadcast need to be more like cable when selling shows? Does the Internet need to be more like broadcast when selling its shows? Does cable need to be more like the Internet? When it comes to new programming -- like the original shows on Hulu, YouTube and smaller video/TV platforms -- what are the exact marketing parameters? ...More

  • 'These Three-Hour Days Are Killing Me!' And Other Dispatches From The Future

    To many pop culture fans, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of "The Jetsons," which premiered on September 23,1962. The animated series with a mid-century-modern flair featured a "nuclear" family -- patriarch George, Jane his wife, his boy Elroy, and teenage daughter Judy, who live in a spectacular Seattle Space Needle-type apartment (this was the year of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair in Orbit City). Although it was never explicitly stated, the show takes place 100 years in the future, in 2062. We're halfway there. So how are we doing, 50 years into "The Jetsons'" past? ...More

  • Networking For All Your Entertainment In 2012

    Years ago I had a crazy friend who wanted to start a network. Not a cable network, mind you, a broadcast network. She had no experience -- except as a producer for a made-for-TV movie. "Hmm, that's kind of ambitious," I said cautiously, ...More

  • Spot of Bother - Struggling With The Mobile-To-TV Connection

    The prospect of having apps on the TV breeds a certain expectation, still thwarted, that we should have easy interoperability of the app experience across platforms. Netflix can do this -- why can't everyone else? ...More

  • Connected TV: Cresting The Peak Of Inflated Expectations

    Connected TV is still in its infancy, but its digital marketing potential is huge. Millions of videos that were previously only accessible online are now available to consumers via their TVs. Online video to date has been focused on "snacking," but the living room consumer has more time for longer-form content and the substantial ad inventory that accompanies it. It's not hard to imagine literally thousands of "channels" of professional and "prosumer" niche content. While the promise of this is exciting, it also feels very familiar. We're cresting the peak of inflated expectations. Despite the potential that connected TV holds, ...More