• Ad Industry Releases 'Final' Neuromarketing Report, Plans To Model Effectiveness Vs. 'Traditional' Research

    In a push to accelerate the promising field of neuromarketing, Madison Avenue's top research authority today will release findings of a report concluding that, when used properly, neuroscience can be more insightful and effective than "traditional" marketing research. The ARF also is prepping a new study that would utilize sophisticated marketing mix modeling techniques to compare and empirically measure the effectiveness of neuromarketing vs. conventional marketing research methods. ...Read the whole story

  • Q&A: In Praise Of The Humble Infomercial

    Doug Garnett, CEO of Atomic Direct, the company behind such products as Lowe's bestselling Kobalt brand Multi-Drive Wrench, tells Marketing Daily why the format is still chugging along. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Idol" Still On Perch, Makes VOD Debut

    Fox's "American Idol" starts up its 11th season as TV's still-biggest show -- although down substantially from a year ago. The day after its season debut the network announced that for the first time, the show would now be available on a video-on-demand time-shifted basis. ...Read the whole story

  • Net-Connected TV Fuels 3DTV Popularity

    Lackluster 3DTV sales may be getting an unexpected lift. That's thanks to expected growth of Internet-connected TV shipments, according to U.K.-based Futuresource Consulting. The company forecasts such TVs will comprise 80% of all worldwide TV shipments in three years. ...Read the whole story

  • High-Def Channel Gets New Definition: Mark Cuban's HDNet Rebranded AXS TV

    Mark Cuban, Ryan Seacrest, live entertainment impresario AEG and Creative Artists Agency will rebrand Cuban's small cable network HDNet into a bigger new music-entertainment-lifestyle channel. AXS TV is scheduled to debut this summer, building on the content of AEG's live events. ...Read the whole story

  • Univision Collects Percentage Of Entravision Sales

    Entravision, the owner of a slew of Spanish-language TV stations, has altered an agreement where Univision serves as its rep firm. Entravision will now pay Univision a percentage of all local and national sales generated at a particular station, rather than just a commission on national business. ...Read the whole story

Fit To Be Untied: Come Home To Free TV

When you're ready to get into a more lasting relationship, broadcast television will be there for you. All the Housewives are still Desperate, the food stays in Hell's Kitchen, and you'll see so many more live sports -- the major sports, not the JV version -- that you'll forget that you haven't seen a ghost hunter or a shark marathon since you cut the cord. ...More

  • Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Commercial Retention Metrics

    CIMM is taking a pro-active role in advancing new media nomenclature and processes with both its Lexicon (terms and definitions associated with Set-Top-Box data measurement) and Asset Identification Primer (glossary of asset terms). These documents form the basis of this column, which offers a common language for Set-Top-Box nomenclature that can expedite the rollout of the data for its many industry applications. While viewer exposure to a commercial is vital to an advertiser, the recognition, remembrance and resonance of the message is arguably even more important. Here are terms associated with viewer retention and ad retention measurement. Commercial Retention See ...More

  • The Golden Globes Melted Velveeta All Over My iPad

    There was a lot of time to multitask during last Sunday's Golden Globes. Ricky Gervais was tepid at best, and generally unfunny at worst. The winners often seemed unaffected by the award themselves. And there was no apparent drunkenness. Unless a celebrity is embarrassing him or herself, or Gervais is doing it for them, I hardly see the point of this show. It was a good time to warm up the iPad and see what was on that screen. ...More

  • New Music, Entertainment Channel Can Take Lessons From MTV

    What's your first thought when you hear about a new "music, pop culture, entertainment lifestyle" network? You're about to yawn, perhaps? But wait. Take note of the names attached to this new project, called AXS TV (you can pronounce it "Access TV") -- Ryan Seacrest, media and sports billionaire Mark Cuban, live entertainment impresario AEG, and powerful Hollywood agent Creative Artists Agency. ...More

  • Ubiquity of Mobile Platforms Threatens Pay TV Subscriptions

    According to Deloitte's sixth edition "State of the Media Democracy" survey, access to content is increasing American media consumption. Movies are available on a wider array of platforms: home TV via cable, satellite, DVD, pay-per-view, Internet and online via streaming/downloading to a personal computer, gaming console, smartphone or tablet. As recently as 2009, only 28% of Americans reported streaming a movie; today, 42% report streaming. ...More

  • Networking For All Your Entertainment In 2012

    Years ago I had a crazy friend who wanted to start a network. Not a cable network, mind you, a broadcast network. She had no experience -- except as a producer for a made-for-TV movie. "Hmm, that's kind of ambitious," I said cautiously, ...More