YouTube: Influence TV Everywhere Will Have On Search

Revenue of the U.S. television ecosystem in 2012 will reach about $165 billion, estimates Needham & Co Analyst Laura Martin. The recently published research points to estimates from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggesting that contributions to subscription and license fees paid to cable, satellite and telephone companies will reach $85 billion, along with approximately $80 billion from TV advertising. ...More

  • TV Everywhere Will Overshadow Hulu and YouTube

    Hulu is glomming ad dollars and YouTube has traffic and now more original content. But according to a new research note from Needham's analyst Laura Martin, those are small potatoes compared to the ad money TV media will bring with its content across platforms. Not only will this scale "dwarf" current digital entities like Hulu and YouTube but she sees this revenue as low risk and additive rather than cannibalistic of the TV business. ...More

  • Sampling Or Piracy? Are Viewers Thieves, Lazy, Or Being Abetted?

    For some, there is a fine line between sampling and piracy. For others, the goal posts keep moving. Where does marketing end and stealing start? If you go to a disreputable website and get CBS' "Two and a Half Men" episode a day early, are you stealing? Yes, more than likely. But if you go to an honorable website, say Hulu or XfinityTV, and get the premiere of NBC's new show "Smash" early, it's not thievery, just marketing. ...More