• GM: Chevy, Caddy Drive To Super Bowl

    The mileage it gets from the game-day juggernaut comprising ads before the game, four ads in the game, and two after may well come from how the ads are integrated with GM's digital and social-media programs prior to, on, and after Feb 5. ...Read the whole story

  • Ball Park: Men 'Easier Fed Than Understood'

    The campaign spans TV, print, digital, social media, in-store activations and public relations. The brand's site and Facebook page (which currently has about 138,000 "likes") have also been relaunched. ...Read the whole story

  • ESPN Deems Mobile 'First Screen'

    Rather than view mobile as the oft-described "third screen," sports powerhouse ESPN refers to it as the "first screen," with mobile as the starting point for much of its programming. Mobile is the network's fastest-growing audience. ...Read the whole story

  • TRA Auto Ratings Enhance TV Targets

    TRA Inc, the marketing analytics company that merges media and consumer purchasing data, has announced a deal with Experian Automotive, to create TV Auto Ratings. The new software will enable advertisers to target networks and programs that best reach desired consumers -- matching automotive registration data with television tuning data at the household level. ...Read the whole story

  • 'Big Bang' Tops 'Idol,' NBC Trails

    For the second consecutive week, Fox's "American Idol" on Thursday was bested by CBS' strong sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" in key viewer demographics -- total viewers and 18-49 viewers -- in the common half-hour the shows compete in. "Bang" notched a Nielsen preliminary 5.4 rating/15 share versus "Idol" 4.8/14. ...Read the whole story

  • Callaway Golf Goes To Las Vegas

    Ads to air during CBS' coverage of the Farmer's Insurance Open promote the company's line with stunts in Las Vegas meant to spotlight the power, accuracy and innovation of the new product line. ...Read the whole story

  • Hispanics Hit By Economic Woes, Ad Impact

    As Spanish-language networks proliferate and tout the buying power of Hispanics, new data shows weak economic indicators among the group versus the general public. At the same time, consumer confidence may be higher. ...Read the whole story

Bite On This: Shared Content Vs. Product Placement

Viewing a way-too-long product placement for Subway in a recent "Hawaii Five-0" episode on CBS got me thinking: What if a friend, who got a quick lunch bite, talked highly about his meal at a certain sandwich franchise? Shared comments from a friend would have top billing, of course -- even versus paid ads or brand placements that are easier to digest, resulting in just a shrug-of-shoulder response. ...More

  • 'Smash,' 'The River,' 'Awake' And 'GCB' Top Broadcast's Midseason Hot List

    Super Bowl weekend is just seven days away -- and with it the true beginning of broadcast's midseason, heralding the arrival of a number of new scripted series that many critics believe to be collectively superior to last fall's freshman class. Specifically, I'm talking about two on NBC -- "Smash" and "Awake" -- and two on ABC -- "The River" and "GCB." ...More

  • TV Before Technology

    I kind of miss the old days, when a TV network launched a new program and people either watched it or not. Now it's much more complicated. ...More

  • Myth Busting: Millennials DO Respond To TV Advertising

    Marketers recognizing facts remember TV is Millennials' top medium for discovering what's cool and they are just as likely to be influenced by TV advertising throughout the buying process as Xers and Boomers. These marketers will also remember Millennials understand, expect and like behavioral targeting and accordingly respond to online advertising more than their elders. ...More

  • With 'Family TV' Getting Old-Fashioned, Can 'Co-Viewing' Work?

    Still looking for family entertainment on TV? "Modern Family" and shows like that might not entirely cut it. Big consumer product marketers continue to try to find new ways to promote family TV shows. But what is this really about? ...More

  • Set-Top Box Lexicon: Engagement

    Retention of content is one aspect of engagement. But what exactly is engagement? Good question. The term has been a discussion point in the media industry for at least a decade. But even today it is not easily defined. Nonetheless that has not dissuaded us at CIMM from creating what we believe is an excellent generic definition of engagement -- whether for programming content or ads. ...More

  • The Future Of Web TV: Strength In Numbers

    All indicators are pointing to this being the year for Web video: Netflix's original content deals, YouTube investing over $100 million in original Web series, Tom Hanks partnering with Yahoo on original programming -- the list goes on. Add in highly anticipated original content slates from CBS, Sony's Crackle, Michael Eisner's Vuguru, and you have the foundation for a game-changing year. The challenge for the buying side of the industry and advertisers remains how to find all the new content while it's still available for investment. ...More