Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Around The Net

  • NBC's Post-Super-Bowl ScoreNew York magazine

    For NBC, which had a lot riding on its post-Super-Bowl programming Monday night, Nielsen returns painted a positive picture. For one, while the new, incredibly hyped "Smash" was hardly that, it did pretty well --  "better than any episode of any 10 p.m. drama on any network this season, period," writes Josef Adalian. "Smash" did lose about 40% of the audience from its giant lead-in, though -- the premiere of "The Voice." But here's where the really good news came: "The Voice" tracked numbers that were well above its 2011 averages, "on a par with what American Idol has been ... ...Read the whole story

  • Disney, Univision, Explore Cable News PossibilityL.A. Times
  • Flingo Raises $7M For Smarter TVsGigaom
Interactive TV: Over the Top, or Just Not?

Why not bring that interactivity to the TV screen, and give control to the consumers without losing them to another screen? All in an effort to get them to watch more TV, be more engaged and ...More