Interactive TV: Over the Top, or Just Not?

Why not bring that interactivity to the TV screen, and give control to the consumers without losing them to another screen? All in an effort to get them to watch more TV, be more engaged and buy more products. ...More

  • The Power To Read Emotions

    BBC is trying to create a method of navigating its vast archives on the basis of emotion. Imagine the application for media planning and buying, or even for creating program schedules. ...More

  • Backwards To The Future

    It seems like over the last several years, in every major interview, the same general questions are being asked of entertainment executives: “Where do you see the future of television?” “How is digital media going to impact programming?” “What’s next for digital and entertainment?” All major conferences or events I’ve attended have addressed these topics through multiple sessions. While it may seem that these questions were on everyone’s mind only in recent years, it’s fascinating to take a step back and see that the reverse is true. 2012 marks the 15th anniversary of the Television Academy Foundation’s Archive of American ...More

  • Facebook Needs Creativity To Look More Like A TV Network

    Should Facebook look more like a TV network, say CBS? Maybe it should consider doing so, if it thinks getting into the creative business is a key to growth. ...More

  • Watch TV, Earn Rewards: That's How You Make a Social TV Play

    Social TV is off and running and, by all accounts, will become a vital part of how many consumers watch TV. So why not layer in rewards for watching shows? Viggle is doing just that. Viggle, with its iPhone and iPad apps, offers an interesting twist on the new field of social TV. Rather than just serve up companion content, Viggle offers rewards from brands for watching TV shows. It's a smart strategy, and taps into the consumer mindset that's powered the success of social games on Facebook and check-ins on places like FourSquare. Human nature dictates that we like ...More

  • The Past & Future Of Sports In Video

    Over the last few weeks I've been thinking a lot about sports marketing, and this past weekend I was reminded of why: the emotions tied to sports are palpable and real, and they are the kind of emotions that brands can only dream of being associated with. ...More

  • Back To The Future: TV Is My New Radio

    "Who is that, and what the hell is she wearing?" my daughter asked as the NBC Super Bowl pre-game show started with some country-like bleached blonde in silver lame pants singing the unctuous intro. I had a vague memory of this woman, but I was clueless. And this was only the first of countless times in the next few hours I couldn't ID someone who clearly the rest of the country knew as a celebrity. ...More

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