• Craft Brewer Presents 'Least Interesting Man'

    Craft beer brewer Breckenridge Brewery of Colorado is extending its low-budget "Truth in Beervertising" TV campaign with two new spots parodying big-brand beer advertising. ...Read the whole story

  • TV Retrans Fees Soar 27%

    Average monthly retransmission fees that TV stations get from cable, satellite, and telco video services continue to climb. Now the average monthly fee is about 33 cents per subscriber per month, as of the third quarter 2011, up 27%. ...Read the whole story

  • Digital Viewing Of Traditional TV Rises

    Video plays on tablets, mobile devices and connected TVs nearly doubled in the fourth quarter of 2011 over the third quarter. At the same time, video plays on Google TV grew 91% in fourth-quarter 2011 over previous periods. That's good news for new video and TV-related businesses. ...Read the whole story

  • CBS' Ad Base Holds Steady, Retrans Sees Uptick

    Looking at overall entertainment revenue for the CBS Televison Network, its studios, distribution, CBS Films and its interactive business, the company had a 1% gain to $7.5 billion for 2011. Cable and outdoor revs rose in the fourth quarter. ...Read the whole story

  • That's Entertainment: Screen Size Doesn't Matter

    Consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to stream video programming at an increasing rate, and they're doing it in their homes, where televisions are available. That's according to a new study conducted by Chadwick Martin Bailey. ...Read the whole story

  • NBC's 'Voice,' 'Smash' Beat CBS

    NBC. It won another Monday night, topping perennial Monday night champ CBS, thanks to "Smash" and "The Voice" -- which retained solid ratings, although down from the previous week. ...Read the whole story

  • OTT TV Numbers RIsing

    A new report suggests TV watching via broadband is on the rise, while devices facilitating over-the-top viewing are gaining more traction. Parks Associates found that 31% of homes with broadband regularly watch TV online. ...Read the whole story

Making Noise: A Conversation With Combe's Tom Cunniff

If you want to create mass awareness, there's nothing like TV. If you want to start a word-of-mouth campaign, there's nothing like social for activation. Social TV is a chance to have an integrated solution. ...More

  • So Much More Than An Ad

    For those that watched the Grammys (hereafter known as the Adelies), it's likely you saw one of the most remarkable and striking pieces of work to have graced our screens in a long time. ...More

  • Aereo Joins Influx Of Low-Cost TV/Video Services

    Program packages costing consumers around $10 per month have been attracting TV business entrepreneurs. For example, Netflix basic streaming and Hulu Plus both cost $7.99 a month, and a number of local digital TV packages have been priced around $10. The trouble is that not everyone wants to pay the same freight to the program owners. Aereo, a New York City service backed by Barry Diller, is a new $12 alternative TV package looking to test the waters. This one -- in part -- tries to go where the likes of FilmOn and ivi TV went before: retransmitting over-the-air broadcast ...More

  • Video Engagement High on Tablets, Connected TVs, but Low on Mobile Phones

    Don't just know your audience. Know where they're watching your videos and your video ads. Because video viewing habits - from completion rate to engagement - vary widely depending on the device in front of a consumer's eyes when an ad appears. That's the conclusion of online video technology provider Ooyala's latest quarterly report, releasing today, that analyzes video ad viewing habits across connected TVs, computers, tablets and mobile phones. ...More

  • Even With High Ratings Harder To Come By, Taking On Nielsen Not A Good Idea

    When your network needs more viewers, why not go directly to the ratings source and ask viewers in Nielsen TV panels to give you a boost? That's what Oprah Winfrey apparently did in tweeting for her still struggling OWN cable network. One major problem: Such activity is strictly prohibited by Nielsen. Winfrey quickly apologized for the mishap. ...More