Wednesday, February 22, 2012
  • Canoe Drops ITV Mission, Most Staff To Focus On VOD Ad Initiatives

    Canoe Ventures, the partnership of major cable companies created to make scaled addressable and interactive TV a reality, is redefining its mission and drastically scaling back its operation. The cable company venture is shutting down its New York office and laying off most of its staff based there -- and will move its base to Denver, where it currently has a technical center and a staff of about 30 engineers. ...Read the whole story

  • CiCI's Pizza Launches TV, Digital Campaign

    CiCi's Pizza has just launched a new ad campaign featuring the first work from its recently selected new ad agency, Publicis Dallas.The new campaign, entitled "There's More Where That Came From," will feature TV and digital ads as well as in-store messaging, the client has confirmed. ...Read the whole story

  • Carbonite Encourages Planning For Loss

    In a minute-long commercial, a bride and groom on their wedding day are treated to ominous comments from strangers and loved ones that they're going to "lose everything." (Even the limo from the service features a sign, "Just Lost Everything.") ...Read the whole story

  • Conan's Contract Extended Through 2014

    Despite ratings that have fallen since his late 2010 debut, Turner has extended the contract of TBS late-night host Conan O'Brien through April 2014. O'Brien does have appeal among advertisers looking to reach a young male audience and helps drive Turner's efforts to command higher affiliate fee payments from cable/satellite/telco TV operators. ...Read the whole story

  • Google Moves Into Traditional TV, Files For Cable Franchise

    Google will move into traditional TV waters next year after filing for a couple of cable TV franchises in the Midwest last Friday. Google filed state regulatory papers for cable TV licenses for its Google fiber service in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Two Sanford C. Bernstein Internet analysts say this could mean the "broadband-only business model is not economically viable." ...Read the whole story

  • Study Links TV Content To Ad Value

    Bravo said a neuroscience study it commissioned shows advertising is much more likely to resonate when shown during a program with related content. The study, conducted by Melbourne-based Neuro-Insight, gauged the live brain response of 150 people using 24 ads in categories ranging from automotive to entertainment to retail. ...Read the whole story

  • NBC Gains Steam, 'Loser' Gains

    Broadcast programming on Tuesday night tightened up a bit -- leader CBS shrank slightly, while third-place NBC and fourth-place ABC picked up some viewers. ...Read the whole story

Digital Players Want TV-Like Upfronts, But Do They Have The Glitzy Goods -- Or The Sushi?

Big digital media companies may not think traditional TV has all the current right stuff - but they sure like the way TV gets to advertisers and its relatively quick and big media dollars. We speak ...More

  • Crossroads In Cross-Media And Return-Path Data

    Last week's Cross-Platform Video Measurement Summit not only addressed new advancements in cross-platform measurement, it also provided an update on the state of return path data. For those of us who have been grappling with how ...More

  • Future Of TV Check-Ins May Depend On The Amenities

    Checking In? Immediately, I think of making a phone call to one's family. But the newer definition addresses a bigger media world -- letting your friends (and family), perhaps some strangers, a TV network or so, ...More