• Broadcasters Sue Aereo Over Signal

    Another so-called over-the-top TV service, Aereo, has been sued by broadcasters for copyright infringement. The move comes as no surprise to many business analysts. ...Read the whole story

  • Young Sports Fans Favor Web Over TV

    Sports fans still love their big screens, but new research indicates the Web is changing how athletics are enjoyed worldwide. Across Europe, the Web has surpassed TV as the primary platform for 18-to-35 viewers to watch their favorite sport, according to new research conducted by Havas Sport & Entertainment for the Global Sports Forum Barcelona. ...Read the whole story

  • Enterprise Leverages NCAA Sponsorship

    Just in time for the "March Madness" college basketball tournament, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is launching a new TV spot to leverage its sponsorship of the NCAA, which is currently in the seventh year of a multi-year contract. ...Read the whole story

  • MSLO TV, Mags Endure 2011 Ad Slump

    Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia didn't escape the fourth-quarter downturn that struck the rest of the magazine business. Weakening print advertising demand resulted in substantial revenue declines. Revenue declines on the broadcasting side also contributed to the fourth-quarter slump. ...Read the whole story

  • Augmented Reality Puts Consumers In The Game

    Game developers will soon have the ability to connect Total Immersion's augmented reality technology with Unity, creating D'Fusion for Unity, a gaming tool that will create immersive video games for consoles and smartphones and tablets. ...Read the whole story

  • Kleenex Brings Back 'Atrapa Estornudos'

    This year, the company is talking more directly to moms, and dangling a chance to win a gift card worth hundreds of dollars and a year's supply of Kleenex brand facial tissue. Central to it is a national sweepstakes. ...Read the whole story

  • IMG Launches Fuel Network In Asia

    IMG's media arm is launching a version of Fox's Fuel network in Asia, focusing on action sports such as surfing, snowboarding and BMX. The company said EDGEsport, targeting young adults, will offer events, as well as biography-type and lifestyle programming, with the network in HD. ...Read the whole story

  • Fisher Continues With 'Reinvent Local Media' Strategy

    Fisher Communications, which operates ABC-Univision duopolies in Seattle and Portland, plans to continue to "reinvent local media" with "hyper-serving," according to CEO Colleen Brown. ...Read the whole story

Set-Top-Box Lexicon: Reach Or Cume

There are often several ways to describe the same measurement metric in media-speak. A good example is Reach (or Cume), which can be reported as a percentage (or in thousands). Reach is the unduplicated expanse of your content or your message whether it is measured in homes, viewers or set-top boxes, and whether it is based on time or quantity. With STB data, reach can be calculated to the second-by-second level which may or may not be meaningful to programmers or advertisers. Time will tell. ...More

  • New SVOD Services Need To Feed Big-Time Program Costs

    More new TV video platforms will start this year. But there'll be a price to pay -- for all concerned. ...More

  • TV Sourcing and Viewing Continues to Change

    According to the latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report Americans spend more than 33 hours per week watching video across the screens, but how they're consuming content, traditional TV and otherwise, is changing. Consumers are increasingly making Internet connectivity a priority. ...More

  • The Super Bowl And The Academy Awards: Random Reflections On Broadcast's Biggest Nights

    The two biggest broadcast events of the year have once again come and gone. The first broke ratings records and the second actually saw a slight uptick from its performance in 2011, so nobody is going to pay very much attention to hindsight criticism. But that doesn't change the feeling of general disappointment that followed NBC's telecast of Super Bowl XLVI on Feb. 5 and ABC's presentation of the 84th Academy Awards last Sunday. ...More

  • Putin Wants To Get Rid Of Commercials, But The Resulting Programming May Not Satisfy

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is probably just like every other worldwide TV viewer: He doesn't like commercials. And as the leader in Russia, he wants to do something about it. ...More

  • 'A Voice of the TV Viewer' 'NY Times' Ad: Who, What, And Why?

    As a subscriber to the print version of the New York Times, I saw an ad on Super Bowl Sunday with the visual of two TV sets side by side, each tuned to an american football game, with one titled "$1.2 Billion," and the other "Free." The headline stated "It's The Same Game. Why The Big Price Difference?" It was signed by the American Television Alliance, an organization that I wasn't familiar with, whose sub-heading states "A Voice for the TV Viewer." As excited as I was to see possible advocacy for TV viewers, I was also confused. I wondered ...More

  • Hospital TV Network Launches

    Patients and their families are a favorite target audience for digital out-of-home video networks, and this week brought a new player in the form of Aceso's Hospital TV Network, or HTV for short. HTV will deliver content focused on healthy lifestyles, entertainment, and learning -- along with targeted advertising -- to hospital common and waiting areas. It functions as an extension of UpCare, a digital video network also operated by Aceso, which engages patients in their hospital rooms. ...More