• Young Broadcasting CEO Cassara Resigns

    Young Broadcasting, the group with 10 stations that emerged from bankruptcy in 2010, said CEO Tony Cassara has stepped down as CEO and as a member of the board. Young will search for a new CEO as Deb McDermott remains as president. ...Read the whole story

  • MTV Shifts From Gaga To Garages, New 'Artists.' Site Combines Curation, Commerce, New Ad Opps

    In a bid to regain its supremacy as the dominant medium for musicians to connect with fans, MTV is returning to its musical roots, albeit online.The move, unveiled late Thursday during a presentation at the SXSW Music Festival in Austin, includes the launch of a new online destination -- www.artists.mtv.com -- which combines MTV-produced fan pages with ecommerce features that will enable everyone from headliners to garage bands to have an MTV-branded presence online. ...Read the whole story

  • CW's Mobile App Airs Lineup Next Day

    Pushing the boundaries to where its young TV viewers are, as well as helping its TV advertising sponsors, The CW will launch a new mobile app where full episodes of its TV shows can be viewed the next day. ...Read the whole story

  • With CBS Airing NCAA, NBC Sitcoms Gain

    With CBS in NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament mode -- airing the first big night of the event on Thursday -- some networks expected the worst. But it turned out better than expected. ...Read the whole story

  • Burnett Takes Ownership Stake In YouToo

    Mark Burnett, who has overseen a string of reality hits dating back to the launch of "Survivor," has taken an ownership stake in Youtoo, a TV network that allows people to upload videos of themselves. Burnett plans to use the Youtoo interactive technology to deepen audience participation. ...Read the whole story

TV, Net Growth Propelled By Reach - On Any Screen

As distinctions blur across screens on Internet-connected tablets, smartphones, computers and televisions, two things will happen. Economics and content will become more integrated and ubiquitous, and a more universal interactive experience will emerge. ...More

  • The Pastry Economics Of Television

    By investing in spot TV rather than network scatter, advertisers will get more for their money. ...More

  • For Narrowcast Shows, Putting Heads On Poles Will Get Attention

    You talk up HBO's fantasy-period piece "Games of Thrones" and you speak about what cable has always done best: narrowcasting. A bit of key art for the new season of "Thrones" shows a drawing of a head impaled through a pole with these words right over the image: "The King Can Do As He Likes." Surely this graphic is not going to attract all types of viewers. Young children and older women? I don't think the folks at HBO are necessarily looking to pull in a "broad" audience here. ...More

  • AMC's 'Talking Dead' Effectively Enhances The 'Walking Dead' Experience

    "That episode is going to require some recovery and therapy," said a happily stimulated Chris Hardwick during the opening moments of last week's edition of "Talking Dead," the live AMC talk show telecast every Sunday following new episodes of "The Walking Dead." As was undoubtedly true of millions of viewers, agreeable host Hardwick was so worked up over events in last week's senses-shattering show -- the penultimate episode of "Walking Dead's" sophomore season -- that he could barely contain himself. ...More

  • CW Launches Next-Day Episode Streaming In iOS/Android App

    The CW gets hip to streaming episodes to an iPad app and integrating social media. But is that enough anymore? Did the iPad spoil us that quickly? ...More

  • U.S Workers, Ads, And The NCAA Tournament

    According to surveys, those watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament this month at work will cost the U.S. economy some $175 million in lost productivity. Why? Well, that may be obvious. Many are watching the tournament during the day when they should be working. Some will go further. One in seven will call in sick. ...More

  • Return-Path Data Lexicon: 'Average' Frequency Metrics

    Continuing from last week's discussion of frequency (Return Path Data Lexicon: Frequency) is an examination of terms regarding average frequency. It is interesting to note that because of datapoints such as trick play and connectivity in the return path, it will become possible to combine television behaviors such as viewership with interactive behaviors such as click-throughs. Set-Top-Box data can help expand the measurement of content, as we see in the following average frequency definitions: ...More